Season 1 Episode 2

The Same Old Story

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2008 on FOX

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  • The Same Old Story

    The questions I ask myself now is: What is the capacity of someone who begins to see "Fringe" will have to embark in this world of pseudoscience and continue it for long? Even when someone able to enjoy the episodes without starting to develop some resistance to what is presented?

    Of course it depends from person to person. In my case, if the last scene of the first episode where the character John Scott is taken to mark five hours after he died - which is already one of the great mysteries of the series, as Mark Valley is part of the cast and how supposedly died, I'm pretty curious to know what place has the character in the series, but this is a story for another time - let me have something sturdy to the concept that the series takes, the fact that this second episode starts with another case bizarre (the type of cases that we see often, of course) has made me more wary. And I like the bizarre. But I also believe that what is more abundant.

    Even with this feeling of strength this early on in terms of suspense and tension, the first moments of the episode were undoubtedly the best. The breakneck pace of the whole sequence, will be accompanied by new melodies by Michael Giacchino, was a perfect introduction to an episode that left a bitter taste. With the course of the investigation and subsequent revealing of the mysteries, if the interest has died down and the first few minutes what had been achieved, the eye-catching, has been diluted with the passage of time. In that way the case was solved was, once again, the Rasar the limits of suspension of disbelief (something that almost certainly is destined to happen often in this series).

    Unlike what I had been in memory since I saw the pilot episode for some time, this time some of the actors, and even their own characters, I'm not totally convinced. Anna Torv always seemed to me something far away, discouraged, probably a result of recent personal events in which your character now, but even so, it seemed always too alien. Not to mention that his chemistry with Joshua Jackson was almost nil.

    Speaking of the latter, and this may already enter the field of precious, but it is extremely annoying how often the actor emphasizes his lines (he worst, I remember, suddenly, the flamboyant Michael Rapaport, from "Prison Break "). And this is even more remarkable because all the others are people of deep voices and little projection, and Joshua Jackson. On the other hand, I appreciated the ease of Blair Brown in his portrayal of Nina Sharp.

    Finally, not wanting to drag a lot more discussion now widely discussed, there tell me that this episode did not exhale "X-Files" from every pore?