Season 1 Episode 20

There's More Than One of Everything

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • Great Finale,...

    episode - with a kind of "Planet of the Apes"-ending!
  • Theres More Than One of Everything

    I believe that, on an earth like this, dependent on a TV like this, someone like me, right now is to write a criticism, really, really like this.

    This is because my faith is up there on top of parallel universes and alternate realities. A theme that puts me in the spotlight of suspicion because I'ma fan, unconditional, no half measures or restraints. But what really fascinated me is how "Fringe" came to this website, to this end. It's amazing how a show with so many ups and downs, with many moments that dragged painfully before our eyes, this can sprint conclusive than any and all expectations. All the little crumbs now make sense of this huge cake, as if each piece was in the right place at the right time for us now prendarem with this great show.

    This episode 20 works in full if we see it as the second chapter of the previous episode. A second part ends and complete the journey started at number 19. So, after walking to do another reality of the moment, Olivia (Anna Torv) begins the hunt for an old enemy: Jones (Jared Harris), degraded and misrepresented, wrapped in dirty bandages, now tries to open a portal that leads to the Furthermore. Therefore targeted Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) and deprived him of his mechanical arm a coveted power cell. However Walter (John Noble), guided by the Observer (Michael Cerveri), also begins a search for something that your memory does not want to tell. An object hidden in an old beach house. With the help of his son there can figure out what was missing: a kind of key that allows you to close the portals. These two parallel roads eventually intersect: Olivia can figure out where the last door opens and the Bishop can get there in time to close. The action was appearing at a good pace, always in the right tone, always with the mystery hovering in the air. There was something we were hiding.

    And that something! The episode gave us just two big surprises:

    Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) that reality is dead! Died as a child and Walter, crushed, passed through the gate and brought her "other" son! That is the day-to-day walks a parallel "other" Walter quite upset! For this is that I was not waiting. When the stone show my jaw dropped. I suspected there was something special about the son of the scientist, but I never imagined what had really happened. Incredibly well built it was one of the best twists (if not the best) of this television season.

    William Bell (the legendary Leonard Nimoy) lives in another reality. He lives hidden in an office. Where, you ask? At the World Trade Center! Yes, in this world where it is not dropped. The final plan when Olivia comes to the window and we take knowledge of their location is a true prodigy. An intelligent mechanism that tells us all with so little. And if the twist top was the best, this plan also occupies the final podium of the most enduring images of the season.

    The screen drops to black. And now? Now, we expect, we were anxious as never before. Owners of some answers but employers a greater number of questions: what Jones really wanted to demonstrate the Bell? Why are rivals? What consequences will this "theft" of Walter? What war is this anyway? What is the true role of the observer? And so on ...

    There are more than one of everything but "Fringe" proved that it is with this final piece!
  • Perfect ending to a good season (Spoilers)

    This finale leads right off from the last episode with Nina Sharp getting shot and then Walter leaving with the Observer. This was definitely the best episode of the season. Things get really crazy as Mr. Jones returns and tries to get to the alternate universe to find William Bell. Well he isn't able to get there but at the end Olivia somehow manages to. She meets William Bell and finds herself in the World Trade Center. So 9/11 never happened! Wow. What a great episode. Also, we find Walter at Peter's grave somehow. This could explain why Peter doesn't remember much when he was young. Maybe he's a clone or something? This episode was fantastic and it closed out the season in a dramatic way. I can't wait to watch the next season.
  • Well Written

    Well, this as been a great episode. Walter disappearing and ended up at a beach house that Peter found him there. Trying to open up holes to get to the other side or dimension. Pretty cool to see another dimension even the twin towers were there was a great sight. Another mystery is Walter visit Peters grave, What?. Con: What I don't like is even though Olivia is getting answers, Peter is left in the dark. I would understand if he wasn't part of the team. But since he is it makes his character less of importance and it leaves Olivia to do everything alone. Which in my book is always sad, you can tell there is a lot Peter has to give but not yet seen his potential other than babysitting his father. I hope things change and get a team going on because watching other series having one star to solve all the world problems and save the world is unreal. We need a team of characters that supports the hero, not means to an end characters.
  • Superb finale, with some questions answered and some new questions surfacing. Just enough to leave you satisfied whilst wanting to get on and watch Season 2. Essential viewing before ploughing into the next season!

    Write a review without spoiling it for those that haven't watched it yet. Simple.

    A season finale is a tricky thing to get right, you have to answer all the questions you raised throughout the season, whilst keeping in interested for the start of the next - and they got this balance just right with this episode.

    First three episodes of the season I wasn't sure about Fringe at all. The nutty doctor, the mysterious son, the blonde FBI agent running around. C'mon! But if you're thinking about watching this series, stick with it - it's well worth it. You grow to like the characters, even a couple of the more obscure ones!

    There were some excellent edge of the sofa revalations - I counted three. The first was on the hospital bed, I didn't see that coming! The second was in the graveyard at the end - OMG! Finally, the last one was after Olivia's elevator ride in New York - I'll say no more.

    Brilliant Season, looking forward to Season 2.

    Don't ruin it ;-)
  • Wow....

    Walter disappears when the observer comes to pick him up at the lab. Meanwhile Jones is trying to cross to another reality to meet Bell and after 2 failed tries he finds the right spot but is stopped by a device Walter created lots of years ago that Peter activates to close the hole and kill Jones at the same time.
    Olivia's perception impresses Nina Sharp after she whitnesses as Dunham is able to see things that one team of hers after working for 2 years hadn't seen. That ends with Nina asking Olivia to meet her in a hotel in Manhattan. But when Sharp doesn't show up, Olivia lefts the hotel upset but while in the elevator she is transported to the other reality where she meets Bell in his Twin's Tower office.
    Another shocker of the finale is to discover that Peter actually belongs to the other side and that when he died when he was 7 Walter created a machine to open a hole and pick the other Peter because he couldn't leave without him.

    All in all amazing chapter and show!:)
  • A great episode! But so many questions left unanswered! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Well Jones is back, except he looks really bad now as the effects of the transportation are taking their toll on him. Walter is also found, and with the help of his son is able to remember something of importance which he was searching for. So we find out that there is another dimension, another world on top of our own, and this is what Jones is trying to get into. We also find out that Walter possibly took Peter from the other reality, and that's how he saved his dying son. Well we are not told this, but this is most definitely implied. We also finally meet William Bell, only Olivia meets him in the other reality. How I don't know, but that's how they leave the first season! They end it on possibly the biggest question yet. I great season, but damn, so many questions left unanswered!
  • After ramping up its game in 'The Road Not Taken', Fringe continues to keep its foot firmly on the accelerator.

    After ramping up its game with lots of talk and, to quote a certain Dr. Bishop, postulation about alternate realities in 'The Road Not Taken', Fringe continues to keep its foot firmly on the accelerator here, delivering the goods by predicating its entire narrative on this most fascinating of concepts and even giving us a glimpse into the secondary universe that we've been promised since the season's halfway point. The story ratchets along at a whirlwind pace, resolving loose plot strands cleanly and efficiently while simultaneously throwing a truckload of fresh mysteries our way that ensure our return for its recently announced second season. The attack on Nina Sharp is addressed and dealt with immediately upon our introduction to the episode - no dicking around at home with Olivia while she reads her niece a metaphorically relevant story and waits for the inevitable phone call from Broyles that will interrupt her. We get concrete answers from this too, as a brief history of David Robert Jones's association with Massive Dynamic is delivered in pleasingly succinct fashion, and some form of honesty is finally allowed between all the parties involved in the investigation of Pattern incidents, as Nina comes clean about her knowledge of parallel worlds and William Bell's whereabouts. It's good to see Broyles, Olivia and most particularly Agent Francis trying to come to terms with the theoretical absurdity of the whole thing: the scene in which they all add a sentence or two to the explanation is masterfully paced, with the simultaneous ringing of all three of their phones making for some excellent comic timing.

    It's a shame that Nina's revelation about Bell is delivered somewhat artificially. Olivia's line, "I'll turn this world upside down looking for him" feels far too much like a feed into Sharp's reveal, making the next piece of dialogue ("Ah, but he's not in this world!" or words to that effect) rather predictable. And while the triad of narratives that make up the main thrust of the hour - Jones's, Olivia's and Peter's - come to their apex at a refreshingly speedy pace, it is somewhat ridiculous that Agent Dunham manages to find the connection between all of the Pattern cases and Jones's recent exploits within, what, a few hours? The fact that she's wearing the same clothes in the scene where she has her "Eureka!" moment as the one in which she starts asking for every single file 'linked to biology and science' (some of which go back twenty years), and that she manages to arrive at Raiden Lake at virtually the same time as the Bishops, would appear to indicate that very little time is supposed to have elapsed. Well colour me sceptical, but surely with such a massive array of cases to work through, and the fact that "a dozen of [Massive Dynamic's] best analysts have spent the better part of two years looking for a connection", this should maybe take a little longer? What, can Cortexefan induce super speed now or something?

    This is a fairly minor gripe, however. The remainder of the narrative is so thrillingly engaging that one is able to suspend disbelief and put certain illogical elements to the back of the mind. Jones's antics, in particular, are a wonderful conceit and the writers exploit their potential to the maximum. While his death is certainly a delight to watch, even if it does feel like a lot more could've been done with the character, it is the revelation of the child's body that is the most
    memorable moment, and one of the most horrific the show has ever given us. There's something about the angle of the splice and the fact that the victim is an innocent youngster playing football that really curdles the blood, which in turn strengthens the gravitas of the threat at hand. Then there's Walter and Peter's scenes which, despite being a little cheesy in places (how predictable that the boy's reminisce about pancakes would be just what his dad needed to jog his memory!), stand up well thanks to the very considerable talents of Messrs Noble and Jackson. The scene in which the pair discuss the function of Walter's device is beautifully shot, making expert use of chiaroscuro to visually reflect the hour's central motif. Their faces are shot half in shadow and half in light (significantly, the vice versa of each other), which echoes the binarity of the alternate reality concept: two worlds co-existing but different, one to which we are privy ('in light') and one to which we are not ('in shadow').

    The revelation that Peter is from the parallel world is a masterful one too, tying together a large number of character beats from the season, ranging from Walter's intermittent reiteration of his son's sickness as a child to Peter's lack of memory of certain events. It is carried out with the most sublime delicacy, telegraphed in only the most subtle of ways and therefore coming as a distinct, but ultimately very pleasing, surprise. And speaking of surprises, was anyone actually shocked by Leonard Nimoy's appearance? The media have been all over this one for a couple of weeks, spoiling what would've undoubtedly been a superlative fangeek spazz out moment. Still, at least we finally caught a glimpse of the legendary William Bell and, from the looks of things, the parallel universe. There are some lovely touches here, from the presence of the Twin Towers to the fact that President Kennedy is alive and well. Oh, and the scene in which Olivia 'crosses over' in the elevator is fantastically eerie and mysterious; don't know about you, but the moment when it briefly fills with people really creeped me out.

    A pretty awesome effort all round then, striking just the right balance between weaving together the season's disparate narrative strands and maintaining a sufficient level of mystery to keep us all stoked for the arrival of year two. As a finale, this is just what the doctor ordered. I think I just made myself cringe.
  • Season over, Questions rise

    After Nina sharp is shot by a misterous killer, the Fringe division investigates and its revealed it was Mr. Jones. Walter goes missing a Peter looks for him. Mr. Jones opens a passage to the parallel universe. Olivia is transported to the universe and finally meets William Bell.

    Fringe's first season finale was stunning. Just so impressive. Season 2 will start soon, and it will be great. All of this just prooves it. Now, questions rise, and there are no answers until september. The parallel universe is now seen, and Olivia is stuck in there. William Bell finally appears, in the universe. At the end... well, I dont want to spoil it.
  • Great season finale.

    Fringe was a show that started off slowly for me. I almost stopped watching after the first few episode due to the bad acting. However, the plots weren't bad and they had some cool sci-fi stuff and creatures.

    It started to get a little better after a few episodes, but still really didn't pull me in. I eventually stopped watching about half way through the season, but continued to record it.

    So, now that I am catching up on show I have begun to appreciate the show much more. The main characters have begun to gel well together and their acting seems to have gotten better as well.

    The guy who plays Walter has been the biggest pleasant surprise of the show as he probably is playing the most interesting character.

    The season finale was a great way to end the season and get people interested in coming back for next year.
  • The actuality of an Alternate Reality.

    We get a great episode that will lead us into next season especially knowing that we'll have a next season. It definitely had a finale feel but kept with it's usually format. We revisit the reasoning behind Bell's experiments on children in Florida, which I think will be explore more next season, specifically with Olivia. I loved the challenge of Olivia by Nina Sharp and Olivia's confrontation of her "unimportant details" that actually turn out to be very important. This was one of my favorite Walter episodes. You really feel for him and worry about his coping abilities. "The Observer" returns to take Walter for a trip and Walter needing to return to the past to fix the present and possibly save the future. Over the past few episodes I'm truly getting the feeling that "the Observer" isn't to be feared but he's here to help in keeping order and time on an even keel. I loved the scene between Peter and Walter. The display of compassion from Peter towards his father is becoming far more frequent and you truly see some understanding from Peter. One of these days we may actually hear him call Walter "dad". But in the meantime I had to laugh that even after everything Peter has seen and experienced working with "Fringe division" he still questions what's possible. The jaw dropping final scenes were just mind blowing from seeing the Twin Towers to Peter Bishop's gravestone, it just left you speechless and anxious for next season.
  • Enjoyable and Entertaining

    For the first season finale, Fringe seemed to do it right more or less. Because it's not a seasoned veteran, my expectations weren't as high as they would be for other shows, proving that the episode did higher than my expectations. I'd score it on about an 8 for that of a veteran returning show, however it would be a 10 for a rookie first timer show like Fringe. I'm ranking it on the Veteran scale because Fringe has proven it can exceed regular shows and it can stand with the stars. So, therefore, I will be harsh in this review. It was an amazing finale and wrapped up many loose-ends. Stuff came together, but I can't help but feel this episode was lacking. I don't know what, exactly, but it just didn't feel right. Perhaps it was the cliffhanger ending. We'll get to that in a moment though. As far as Peter is concerned, well...he's dead. Which means the Peter we've come to know and love is from the Other Side. Hmm. So far so good. Interesting twist. Walter was Walter, as par usual, and loveable and enjoyable throughout the episode. He is probably the best character on the entire show, so props to Noble. Now, the ending. The ending had a "Wow-Factor" but not a cliffhanger of sorts. Spoiler for those who've seen it: We realize Olivia is in the Other Side and she's standing in the Twin Towers POST 9/11. Like I said, WOW. However, it doesn't really leave us in shock. She's in the Other Side, so there are no questions this brings up, no shocking new information, nothing to leave us screaming for what happens next. Thus, it wasn't a cliffhanger per se, more like a shocking ending. Get the difference? Well, she's about to speak with William Bell, which will provide some answers in Season Two I hope. Overall, a good season finale, an excellent way to wrap up a fantastic new show, and I look forward to Season Two. My only major problems with this episode is the lack of much to keep us enthralled throughout Summer Break. It was pretty much a regular episode, and normally season finales should go above and beyond and totally blow the minds of the viewers, which this episode didn't totally do. Overall, good episode and I look forward to the next season.
  • Amazing and Epic Episode !

    really what an AWESOME , AMAZING , Epic episdoe . really brilliant one J.J. you really did a great job this year ( first Lost then Fringe ) , you r just getting better and better and i really hope for the best next year from the both series ! , Oliva , Peter , Nina , Jones they really did a great actin but Watler WOW he really just get hin self an emmy nonmaitoin ! , and the stroyline was brilliant ! two peters , the twins were shocking momentes ! what a season of Fringe , really can wait to the next saeson ( i think this show is going to be legendary ) ! . a 10/10 Epoisde ! .
  • A great episode, leaving us with some answers but with even more questions.

    I was from the first episode a big fan of Fringe. It was a pleasure to see that a show can be about things that aren't possible (yet) but still was very entertaining en believable to watch. This season finale was a very good one in my opinion. From the earlier episodes you already knew that Walter did some things to Peter. Remember the episode with the 3 babies lying next to each other, one of them being Peter. The Peter from 'this' world probably died because of the experiments Walter did. I'm anxious to find out what happened there. It also left me with some questions. If this Peter is actually the Peter from the 'other' world, it means that in the 'other' world there are know 2 William Bells or one of them died. And there will be another Olivia, another Mr Jones, another Walter. I'm wondering what will happen to the storyline from now on. Will Olivia think differently about William Bell and Walter and what they did? What ever Peter found out he is not the Peter from 'this' world? Questions questions, but I'm sure the writers will come up with something great, like they always did this season.

    Sorry for the English, I'm from the Netherland, so it's not completely perfect.
  • One of the best season finale in TV history.

    This is one of the best season finale in this year maybe whole TV history. Come on J.J Abrahams rocks one more time. He is definately genious. We learn that Peter is from the parallel world (reality) and the seen of World Trade Centers just thrilling. WOW. I watched it with an open mouth. Honestly, I didnt expect something like that. Brilliant writers, I hope they are continue like this in the coming season. And also olivia is good in this episode, she used his intellegence, push herself and find the evil "David Robert Jones"
    Cant wait to watch season 2. How will Peter learn the truth about himself, what will Olivia and Bell discuss about and so more questions to answer.
  • Fox renew Fringe? After this episode, it's an absolute no brainer!

    It's at times like this, episodes like this, when you actually feel priviledged to watch a show like this. This is pure television gold. If you know someone who isn't watching this programme, grab them and force them to. They'll thank you for it.
    I've loved this series right from the word go. It's intriging, quirky and at times, just plain odd but at it's core are characters that you really care for. From Olivia to Peter to Walter to Charlie to Astrid to Broyles, this programme is jammed packed with people you care about all wrapped up in a well written, beautifully directed and shot, package.
    But all that build up counts for nothing if the big money scene falls flat, the season finale and in that Fringe just rocks your world, or worlds.
    Forget Lost, this is just Massive. and unlike Lost you look back at previous episodes and you can see that the clue were there, unlike Lost where it seems to be made up as it goes along. Fringe has achieved more in it's one season than Lost has in five.
    It's just hit after hit after hit as Fringe just plummels you with shocks, from Peter obviously being the alternate Peter, to Leonard Nimmoy being William Bell to the alternate universe which is so subtley implied at with the two towers, not smacking you over the head with it but crediting the viewer with being smart enough to work it out for themselves. When the camera pans out, as a Brit, I didn't twig for a moment or two. Then the penny drops and you think, "Bloody hell... It's the twin towers!"
    I CANNOT WAIT for the next season, it is going ot be absolutely frigging awesome...
  • Abrams sure has a thing for alternate realities… First "Lost" then the new "Star Trek" and now this season ending story. Of course, all are very well done and entertaining.

    Abrams sure has a thing for alternate realities…

    First "Lost" then the new "Star Trek" and now this season ending story. Of course, all are very well done and entertaining. There were certainly a lot of odd things happening during the entire season. And always somewhere in the background a corporate giant called Massive Dynamic with a mysterious leader named William Bell continued to surface. Later episodes began tying Walter Bishop and William Bell closer together. The storyline here basically is that Bell is hiding in an alternate reality from David Robert Jones, the teleportation-damaged person who has shown up a number of times. Jones apparently wants to break into that alternate reality, find Bell, and rid all universes of him. The Observer, who has also appeared frequently, whisks Walter away to search for a device that can plug up a hole to the alternate reality (presumably any of them). Peter arrives to help Walter and there are a few "hand-grenade" hints that Peter's background memories and Walter's aren't the same. This is later confirmed in one of the final scenes showing that Peter had died in "our" reality in 1985.

    Well, Jones is sliced in half by Walter's device, activated by Peter, which shuts down the window to the alternate reality. Olivia's reward is to be taken to the alternate reality where she meets Bell, played by Leonard Nimoy. His office in that reality is in the WTC. Okay, there's great fodder here to make us want more next year. Imagine that. And, they didn't have to kill off a major character to get our attention. Well… they mostly didn't do that.
  • Was not what I expected.

    Someone close to Fringe Division is attacked, and bioterrorist David Robert Jones returns. Meanwhile, Walter inexplicably disappears and Nina asks Olivia for a favor. The season finale was not my favorite storyline of Fringes debut year, it seemed a bit slow there was a lot of talking, too much talking. The episode picked up in the last 15 minutes the pace suddenly changed and massive twists occured Like Peter being dead and Olivia and William Bell in a alternate future, this is the wierd sh!t I expected to see in the finale but then again I didn't expect great twists make a great episode.
  • The team is, once again, on the trail of David Robert Jones, while the Observer wants Walter to find something. A very special episode!

    WOW! I mean, that's what science-fiction is all about. Is it not? This show is really one of the fastest to evolve, and they're only in the first season. There's been some concern that it's too much like X-Files, but Fringe really goes a step further than this, or I think ten steps would be more accurate. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that this episode was nothing short of the best sci-fi episode I've seen for a long time. There's something very special here. We have a big epic sci-fi situation (parallel worlds, in this case), and a sort of scientific basis to how they get to that. And we see William Bell. To bad all we do is see him, though. I'd have like to have a bit more of that conversation. All in all, great writing, directing and acting on everyone's part. This is a very special and it does nothing less than keep the door wide open for more of these.

    Oh my God !!! I just watched the episode 5 minutes ago and im still :-O with my mouth open.
    I was anxiously waiting for this episode but i NEVER in my wildest dream was expecting for something like this.
    This episode was just amazing, and i doubt any other show i watch like Lost, Grey's or CSI will do a better clifhanger.
    So the real Peter is actually dead ????? So who is the one that is alive ???? One of the kids that Walter and Bell did research in ? Or something even more surprising ???
    And what about that other reality that Bell was in ? World Trade Center ??
    This episode just blowed my mind.
    Amazing, great job to everyone that was involded.
    Can't wait for the next season.
  • Wow, one of the best season finales I have ever seen! Questions answered that only reveal more questions. Me likey.

    Wow, one of the best season finales I have ever seen! Questions answered that only reveal more questions. Basically they flipped the show upside dawn and backwards. I wish they would have went a little more into Peter's shady past which the eluded to in earlier episodes but it's obvious now why Water thinks he is so "special". Maybe Bell brought back Water from the other dimension and he brought his son along. Water may also be filling in for himself, hence the self imposed time in the sanitarium. Amnesia? Maybe he is the wrong Walter... To much speculation... head spinning... room growing dim...
    Now on mu must see list along with Dexter.

    p.s. This show is light years different than the X-Files, but still strikes the same chord.
  • Knocking it out of the park

    When it comes to season finales, it can be difficult to strike the right balance. Traditionally, writers go for the cliffhanger, putting a character (or characters) in direct jeopardy or seemingly altering the status quo in a substantial way. It's become such a cliche that the trick is making it unique and interesting in context. Other shows might wrap things up for the season in a big way, then build up a new arc in the next season.

    The writers for "Fringe" have managed to negotiate that middle ground with an expert touch. Olivia may not be in direct peril, but it's a safe bet that her experience is going to alter the status quo. And, of course, we now know a lot more about Peter and the likely source of Walter's mental break.

    Olivia's ability to perceive alternate realities (and perhaps one in particular) has been revealed as a major purpose for the Cortexiphan experiments. Walter and William Bell, the fathers of the original ZFT organization, wanted to create a population of trained individuals with the ability to step between worlds. While it's hard to know if the explanations in this episode are complete, it does appear that the idea was to take the fight to the enemy.

    But it also suggests that William Bell's original intentions may not have been so negative. Mr. Jones appears to have taken Bell's original manifesto in an even more extreme direction, forcing Bell to take other measures. That appears to be the purpose of Massive Dynamic, and it explains why that company seemed to be to mitigate the output of The Pattern and the ZFT terrorists, and at least one reason why they are so interested in the Fringe Division.

    At any rate, it now seems that while Bell (like Massive Dynamic) was ethically challenged, and he has much interest in Olivia as one of his more successful test subjects, he's not an active terrorist. Olivia's conversation with Bell is going to be a highlight of the second season premiere, without a doubt!

    The existence of alternate realities makes it very difficult to be certain that someone is dead. We see Mr. Jones die in this episode, but that doesn't mean that another version of Mr. Jones won't be taking his place. There would be, potentially, an infinite number of realities with a Mr. Jones (and mathematically, an infinite number without him). Same with everyone in the cast, as is now quite clear in the case of Peter.

    The implication in this episode is that Peter was taken from another reality, following the unfortunate death of Fringe Prime's Peter at an early age. This probably has something to do with Peter's seeming lack of connection with the world, and why he seems to live on the fringe of society. One might wonder if Walter's decision to take Peter from that other reality drove him towards a guilt too terrible to bear, leading to some kind of psychotic break.

    But it also begs the question: is the reality that is threatening Fringe Prime using the work of their own Walter Bishop and William Bell as the basis for that incursion? And where do the Observers come into the mix? Are they some kind of species that is naturally able to bridge realities? And one must wonder if they are just one kind of being with such an ability, and if Observers ever give way to some kind of multiverse law enforcement.

    If there is one quibble I have with this episode, it's the explanation for The Pattern. It's great that they brought that element of the series to a resolution, and I loved that it was more a consequence of the "soft spots" between realities. And I liked that it was an actual pattern. However, it seemed a bit unlikely that the experts at Massive Dynamic would be unable to notice what Olivia, myself, and probably tons of viewers could see as soon as the pins were arranged on the map. Frankly, I was hoping that there was something more complex to it. Still, conceptually, it was quite satisfying.
  • Bishop goes walkabout, Dunham is on the Hunt and the pattern shows the way....

    Ar - here there be spoilers......

    Set 'em up, and knock them down! Whammo!! That was tonight's excellent episode of Fringe in a nutshell!
    The set up was good - who shot Nina Sharp, and why is there a hole in her arm? (Hopefully Massive Dynamics not working with Cyberdyne Systems on this one...)and all the while Walter is on walkabout with The Observer but no one knows where...

    David Robert Jones' attempts to breach the gap between dimensions were dramatic, as were the results

    As always, Walter was the most interesting character
    and John Noble is to be congratulated on bring this excellent creation to life so sympathetically.I do love the big shocks and effects on Fringe, but the pleasure for me are the quieter moments that flesh these guys out to prevent them from only being 2 dimensional action heroes.

    (Solid Gold Spoiler)

    As with the best Season Finales, Fringe saved the best one - two - three for the last 10 minutes. Walter at a familiar somone's grave. A Fan-Boy Moments: William Bell's first appearance. "OMG, Leonard Nimoy!! and as if that wasn't enough, Olivia says where are we and the camera pulls back to reveal.. the Twin Towers!!! Superb. What do I hope for in Season 2? More of the same - it would be great to have more focus on the relationship between Bishop and Bell now that Bell's turned up. On a grander scale it'd be nice to maintain the excellent concepts these guys have come up with for the first season, without the occasional pacing issue that Fringe has been guilty of this year.. A great show with brilliant performances.
  • One heck of a finale!

    Finally the long anticipated finale of Fringe is upon us and by golly it sure as heck delivered. Like most season finales we get some answers but even more questions. The whole Peter thing was in my mind the biggest shock of the episode. Looking back on it, it wasn't that hard to figure out but when you watch it for the first time you'll be saying "What?" many times. Walter was as always fantastic and Olivia finally did something of use and she put her mind toward it. Peter closed the portal rather easily, I was hoping for more of a fight in that department. I have to admit that I was disappointed by Leonard Nimoy's screen time but I was satisfied after the impact it left. That closing scene was so cool. I know I can't wait until season 2 and when season 1 gets released on DVD. Until then Good-bye folks.
  • A game changing episode that brings a long awaited (and badly needed) focus on several crucial plot elements. Walter stops crying long enough to do something; Peter stops acting like a side-kick in a stand-up routine; and Olivia aims her weapon and fires!

    Finally - an episode of Fringe that didn't make me roll my eyes in one too many places! And yes, I am the first to admit that I did not like this show after trying several times to buy into what I perceived as an overly convoluted (and poorly acted/written) mythology.

    But last night, the writers effectively presented a "realness" regarding the lives and motivations of the principal characters that I welcomed with open arms and a very forgiving heart. While I still don't care very much for several of the casting choices -- and I still believe the cast of characters lack so-called chemistry, the overall story concept has the potential to be outstanding if handled with intelligence and honesty in the upcoming season.

    The reasons why I did not rate this very entertaining episode higher: the Villain waits too long to escape into the portal, essentially allowing Olivia plenty of time to think about ultimately shooting him; after all, he'd been searching for the portal forever. If it were me, I would have sprinted to the other side. And why not immediately disable the guy running the machine that opens the portal? And I think it would have been much more effective to see that a "new" White House welcomed President McCain since the World Trade Center buildings remained intact. However, with much thanks to my friend here in my office for continuing to tell me to give Fringe another chance, I think I may potentially have discovered a favorite new show. And I am curious to find out what happens when folks encounter their duplicate selves in the other worlds. So many amazing and entertaining possibilities. I can hardly wait for Season 2, and I'm just hoping that the writers don't screw this one up! But if they do, I'll be here to keep it real.

  • Yikes, lots of answers, new questions. Very intresting development

    I like where Fringe is goin, it started out slow and it wasnt on my top 5 must-see shows but now Im sure its there and climbing. (spoilers ahead)

    We finally get some answers even tho we suspected some of em. We know theres many realities now and that there are forces that seek to control it others to protect it. Theres more than one of everything, deja vu and window to other realities were explained in simple terms that anyone can understand but yet be amazed by it.

    On this episode we see Olivia using her mad skills to track down the people who are behind the occurances and that wants to jump over to another reality to kill William Bell. also we see Walter and Peter take another road to understand the past and find an object to save the future.

    Everybody did a great job and the episode had mistery, scifi, action. I liked it a lot. We finally got to see William Bell and wow where he was hiding. On another reality. Now questions arise, is he from that reality or ours, is he the only William Bell around or theres an evil version of him trying to do the opossite. Also Walter, his Peter died as a child and he went an kidnaped his own son from another reality to raise as his own? wow. Like is said lots of answers and new questions. Im glad we got a second season to continue to see this intriguing show.
  • Good, but not great.

    I did enjoy this finale very much, but for some reason it just did not live up to my expectations. William Bell offered very little answers to the questions the show has created as of late and I am beginning to worry that the show may go the way of Lost in confusing the viewer as to what is exactly going on.

    The "other dimension" also seems a little too similar to Lost's "time travel" but Fringe's actually has maintained my interest. The show has turned the corner since its hiatus, but it still has a lot of work to do for next season including giving us an idea as to what The Observer is really about.
  • Very intriguing!

    So much to love this episode. Fringe has gone way beyond justifying its existence this season - it's one of the most interesting, polished, well done shows on right now. Hurray for its renewal!

    some things I realllly loved in this particular episiode were:
    --Walter and the observer at the cemetery and on the beach (beautiful), Walter looking for the box in the beach house (such a well acted scene - this guy does make the show), Walter divulging some shocking insights into the mysteries of Peter's early biography, the strange coin. --the quality of this episode -- it felt like a little movie. -finding out what the teleporter did to Mr. Ooze. I mean, Mr. Jones.
    --meeting Mr. Bell! --the title (there's more than one of everything).
  • Textbook "how to go out with a bang"!

    I'm something of a neophyte at scifi and so not quite as analytical as the great reviews by other "Fringe" fans for this episode.
    I just know really true, different and compelling storytelling when I see it, and I know when writers and a great cast of characters has most effectively taken my imagination out for some exercise.
    I love it when a storyline takes an unanticipated turn, or in this case, turnS! And in the past several years, it is a rare TV programming bird that can make me anticipate the next season before the current one even ends.
    I wish more shows were this imaginative and promising.
  • Now THAT'S what i call a finale! I'm going to have to watch that a few more times, just to make sure i got everything. WOW. So many answers...but now i have more questions! and the suspense is going to kill me while I'm waiting for next season.


    -Jones is back, he was with the guys who shot Nina last ep and he stole a part of her robotic arm- a power cell or something, and apparently the real Q is "what can't he do" with it? Well his plan is to open up a portal to the other world (coz that's where Bell's hiding out/collecting information/doing research/chilling while the world falls apart gradually) and show him who's boss. Well SOMEONE has unresolved daddy issues (Bell was like a father to him according to Nina).

    -He opens up a bunch on portals and cuts a truck and a soccer player in half. Problem is he's trying the wrong spots.

    -Meanwhile the observer (real easy to spot this ep!) takes Walter back to his beach house where he left a electronic portal plug that he invented (in case of emergencies). Peter finds him and helps his memory with talk of holidays spent there and pancakes. They run off to the site Jones SHOULD be at.

    -Olivia back at the office gets the office minions to round up all the unexplained stuff and dump it in her office so she can map out with tiny pins where everything's happening and work out where Jones will go next (because its TOO much for Peter to pick up the phone and give her the head up). She does it (because she's Brilliant) even tho Nina's boffins couldn't (note to Nina get better boffins) and they race off to beat Jones and stop his crazy shenanigans. -Peter and Walter arrive at the site and their car is stormed by special forces type ppl...oh its okay Oliva and the crew got there first. They soon hear Jones and his gang working the buzzy portal maker and tell him to stop (a couple of his guys get shot). Jones is determined to get there and starts off towards the stable portal to the otherside, Olivia warns and then shoots a couple of times-hitting him, he turns around (Ugh) and tells her the teleporter while oh yeah its killing him has had the effect of making the bullets pass through him (really he might as well add TRY HARDER). Peter runs up holding the plug calling to Olivia as she chases after Jones. He steps a foot thru and Peter turns the knob-Bingo Bango half a Jones (Gross!), and he turns which is cool- great effects.

    -Back at the lab Walter's wandered off again but Peter's not worried coz he left a note (Aaaw, now if only he'd call him Dad). Where is Walter? Well Walter's visiting Peter's grave. Coz Peter died in 1985, he was Peter died and Walter must have stolen a new Peter to replace the old one...yeah THAT'S how parenting works. Wouldn't someone be missing Peter Mark II on the otherside? I can't wait til Peter finds out, he's going to freak.

    -Olivia goes to NY to meet Nina, Nina doesn't come, she's out of the country so Liv gets in the elevator. @ first i thought she was going to get kidnapped again when i saw that guy in the lift behind her but actually what the twisty writers of FRINGE did was MUCH cooler. William Bell zaps the elevator and she's suddenly over the otherside. He greets her in his office and introduces himself. He's been waiting. Oh and his office is in one of the Twin Towers...because they still stand on this side.
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