Season 1 Episode 20

There's More Than One of Everything

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • Theres More Than One of Everything

    I believe that, on an earth like this, dependent on a TV like this, someone like me, right now is to write a criticism, really, really like this.

    This is because my faith is up there on top of parallel universes and alternate realities. A theme that puts me in the spotlight of suspicion because I'ma fan, unconditional, no half measures or restraints. But what really fascinated me is how "Fringe" came to this website, to this end. It's amazing how a show with so many ups and downs, with many moments that dragged painfully before our eyes, this can sprint conclusive than any and all expectations. All the little crumbs now make sense of this huge cake, as if each piece was in the right place at the right time for us now prendarem with this great show.

    This episode 20 works in full if we see it as the second chapter of the previous episode. A second part ends and complete the journey started at number 19. So, after walking to do another reality of the moment, Olivia (Anna Torv) begins the hunt for an old enemy: Jones (Jared Harris), degraded and misrepresented, wrapped in dirty bandages, now tries to open a portal that leads to the Furthermore. Therefore targeted Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) and deprived him of his mechanical arm a coveted power cell. However Walter (John Noble), guided by the Observer (Michael Cerveri), also begins a search for something that your memory does not want to tell. An object hidden in an old beach house. With the help of his son there can figure out what was missing: a kind of key that allows you to close the portals. These two parallel roads eventually intersect: Olivia can figure out where the last door opens and the Bishop can get there in time to close. The action was appearing at a good pace, always in the right tone, always with the mystery hovering in the air. There was something we were hiding.

    And that something! The episode gave us just two big surprises:

    Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) that reality is dead! Died as a child and Walter, crushed, passed through the gate and brought her "other" son! That is the day-to-day walks a parallel "other" Walter quite upset! For this is that I was not waiting. When the stone show my jaw dropped. I suspected there was something special about the son of the scientist, but I never imagined what had really happened. Incredibly well built it was one of the best twists (if not the best) of this television season.

    William Bell (the legendary Leonard Nimoy) lives in another reality. He lives hidden in an office. Where, you ask? At the World Trade Center! Yes, in this world where it is not dropped. The final plan when Olivia comes to the window and we take knowledge of their location is a true prodigy. An intelligent mechanism that tells us all with so little. And if the twist top was the best, this plan also occupies the final podium of the most enduring images of the season.

    The screen drops to black. And now? Now, we expect, we were anxious as never before. Owners of some answers but employers a greater number of questions: what Jones really wanted to demonstrate the Bell? Why are rivals? What consequences will this "theft" of Walter? What war is this anyway? What is the true role of the observer? And so on ...

    There are more than one of everything but "Fringe" proved that it is with this final piece!
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