Season 5 Episode 6

Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2012 on FOX

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  • "Excuse me, miss - is that raspberry filling?"

    The best episode of Fringe since "Letters of Transit". This episode had it all. Some may be complaining about the pacing, but there were so any subtle elements to this brilliant episode that I feel a lot of my fellow Fringe-heads missed out on. From the return of an old plot element from seaon 1 that I assumed would never be answered or brought up again, to the beautifully haunting cinematography, the best Observer fight thus far in the season and the one thing everyone seems to have overlooked in this episode - the amazingly nuanced acting! We all know how good John Noble and Anna Torv are in their roles - and Joshua Jackson is perfect as the everyman character of Peter Bishop and, indeed, has had some incredible scenes of acting of his own throughout this show's run. But Jackson's best acting scenes usually come from melodramatic moments and he rarely gets to flex the subtleties of things such as body language and acting with only his eyes. That all changed in this episode. Peter flat out TERRIFIED me. His body language and dead eyed inquisitive stare in this episode went against everything he was saying in his heartfelt speeches with Olivia at the beginning of the episode and with Walter at the end of it. Jackson is doing a superb job of showing his transformation into... I honestly don't know what. Probably the first Observer? Regardless of what he's becoming, the cast and crew did a fantastic job with the ambiguity of this episode. There are signs of hope in the form of Donald and the surprise twist from season 1 - and Peter's new found abilities are a serious asset to the fight against the Observers...for now. There are also signs that this show will not end on a happy note. Walter is slipping into his old, morally compromised self from "LoT", and Peter could be our heroes' biggest threat that none of them will see coming. I am more excited for this season than I have ever been as the scales are eerily balanced right now and will eventually fall on the side of Triumph - or Disaster.

    9.7/10 and easily the best episode so far this season