Season 5 Episode 1

Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2012 on FOX
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    Fringe's Season 5 Premiere: The Future Is Dandy(lion)

    Fringe returned for its final round with our old friends in a new place, but what does that mean for the season?

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    In the year 2036, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and Etta set out to find Olivia and free her from amber. Once they do, they discover she holds the key to finding the plans for a weapon to defeat the Observers... but Walter is captured and interrogated for the same information.


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    • 501 Thoughts

      Fringe started to lose focus in season four and that trend carried over into this episode. I was curious to see how things played out, but from an entertainment standpoint, it just wasn't great.
    • Coming back

      Every once and a while I want to see the end of this episode again. Seeing Walter in a bit of despair and then hope when he sees the flower, the colouring of that stage, the music, it makes me tear up again and again. It was a fantastic opening of a grand season. For that scene alone he should have had a golden globe (or at least a nomination).
    • Set the pace

      It felt strange at first because the changes are so drastic. I missed agent Broyles and monster of the week... but It's a good start to what looks like it's going to be a great final season!
    • Great Season Premiere!!

      Let me start by saying, when it comes to Fringe I am bias and I have no problem admitting that.

      Saying that I gave this episode a 10 out of 10.

      Seeing Peter and Olivia reunited again always makes me happy. It has already been established nothing can keep them apart. Not even erasing Peter from existence. Olivia meeting adult Ette for the first time was such a touching moment. How would you feel in a situation like that?? Your mind would be racing...

      I love Walter so much. Even though I want Winmark to die for what he did to Walter, it might have been necessary as Walter was becoming the man he didn't want to become due to Etta and Simon Foster replacing the brain matter Bell had removed from Walter's brain.

      The writers of this show and the science advisors of this show should also have huge recognition as in my opinion they are awesome and seem to not only make the science believable but the also satisfy with some answers but always leaving you thinking what road the next episode could take. I love trying to guess what would happen next and being surprised every time.

      Anyway, I'm babbling too much.

      Just watch Fringe and Enjoy it. It's the best.moreless
    • Walter's brain

      May I say, without sounding cruel, that I'm actually glad Walter is brain-damaged once more? I mean, one of the concerns I had before this episode is that I couldn't stand the creepy, badass Walter from "Letters of Transit" for 13 episodes. Given what he's capable of, Walter is likable only if he reverts to his usual goofiness. The Walter we know and love is not aware he has no pants !!! ( Hit the "thumbs up" if you agree ! ) So, Windmark, I'd like to thank you for bringing our beloved Walter back ... you have now my permission to die.

      Other highlights of the episode :

      - Markham ! What a pervert ! That was a nice idea ... Let's hope some people from the past keep popping up in unexpected places.

      - The talk between Peter and Olivia : we've known that all along, but man, Joshua Jackson can act !!!

      - The opening and closing scenes : nothing less than poetry, and that music was really good.

      So, all in all, a good season opener : not exactly mind-blowing, but it serves its purpose : now I want to see more of the adventures of the Bishop family ( and yes, I include "Afro" in that, somehow ) in 2036 !moreless
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    Giacomo Baessato


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    David Bloom


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