Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • Unearthed

    After an episode dedicated to mythology, after a pause to unwrap gifts and open the champagne, behold, "Fringe" returns. And if the euphoria could still reign in the body of the watch, with this "Unearthed" the feast turned funeral.

    I think the boss and myself did not realize the gravity of the situation. Clearly can not feel the fever and cough, a severe flu that has gripped this universe. They sit comfortably in a certain hype and the cult that was created and allowed to walk without haste. And this will be the death of "Fringe" and waste of a fantastic story.

    If things ever went wrong with inconsistency of the argument - key episodes followed by painful fillers - what happened this number 11 was indescribable. Ah anyway because this is not the 11 is 21. Confused? And I also. Decided by the visa to enter the middle of the season one episode never transmitted the first (only available on DVD). Instead of cooking heat so food three days in hopes that fans swallow and not notice. And it could even go through any other day was not the fact that this episode Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) is still alive!! Yes, he died but then it got better and help in the investigation as before. At a time such that the series needs to fetch a dead life is not at all a good idea.

    Trying to forget it - impossible - the story was a huge shot to the side, as most of the stories we have seen isolated. A young girl is possessed by a soldier who has died and who seeks vengeance that killed him. More linear than it was complicated, starting and ending in the possession exorcism. Points that could be of some interest as the clash of Walter (John Noble) with the Father, science versus religion, were underutilized.

    Nothing much to say. It is exasperating to see a show that I value so much walking adrift.

    The Best: The opening scene.

    The worst: The literal step back.