Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on FOX

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  • Sanctimonious "animal rights" zealots get their comeuppance

    Sanctimonious "animal rights" zealots get their comeuppance
  • Unleashed

    Case of the week. They come from all sides and all seasons. Wandering around we found the sick, the criminal, the disappeared. The mystery, murder and lies. If we continue to travel and stop in section 16 of "Fringe" give face to face with the monster. The week.

    Four students, members of a group of animal rights, invade a pharmaceutical laboratory, where experiments are carried out with different species. But, and here there is always a "but" do not experience only perfumes and lipsticks in monkeys, and offenders quickly realize that to give face to face with a creature who would not drop at all. In the loose and no collar, is a matter of time before making his next victim. Into action the team lead and this time is the time the agent Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) to prove the imminence of death. It is strange to be attacked by and infected with larvae in a small space of 24 hours will insist on his belly gently blow. The hunt for the creature goes so fast against the clock in the end, where everything ends smoothly.

    After an episode dedicated to one of the most mythical characters of this universe, The Oservador, back to the layout of the "monster of the week." And know us a little. Why? Mainly because this scheme on "Fringe" does not result in the best way. The "X Files" - did not want to be falling in this comparison now so worn, but it got better - full seasons had cases during the week, different, nothing that would link the central plot, shown only in the beginning and end of each series . So why aliciava in a new case with Scully autonomous and not a new case and autonomous with Dunham (Anna Torv)? I think that mainly has to do with the mystery. Lacks a guiding principle that the intrigue from start to finish of each episode, whether or not the matter to the central part of the story. There is a case in this case a monster that hides nothing and merely run away to be caught. There is a twist in the action, a slight twist, or something that just burst in the final. Halfway through the episode already knew everything and knew nothing else would know.

    Examples previous turn out to be useful because of its importance as a single piece overall assembly. Make sense when we see the whole picture. However, this mixture of species or is part of a larger plan, but also recalls the creature of the plane (and a bit of a "Cloverfield"). And one thing that the supernatural has in abundance is variety of topics, so the flavor repetition can be avoided easily.

    But all is not sadness:

    We had the right to know a little more of the life of Charlie, played by an excellent actor who until now had not taken its rightful airtime;

    Perspective is a love triangle between Peter (Joshua Jackson) and his two sisters;

    The final scene of the sewage could briefly bring to mind the "Alien";

    No big action scenes, the episode still managed to keep a good pace.

    Conclusion: when they sit in the main plot and earn the notion that the case is independent, we need mystery. We need more imagination to make us go back and yell "Fringe" as a subject always essential.
  • Another side of Walter

    This was a good episode about the man made creation part lion, snake, rhino and bat. We got to see Walters other side the guilt about taking a part of creating this beast in the early stages. Even though it wasn't the final creation of this beast when he was under going the project resulting in a failed creation, he felt somewhat responsible for having started this project. He was willing to sacrifice himself to get what is needed, so he took the deadly poison and drunk it just in case the monster kills him. The larvae will be poisoned and they can use his blood to save the fbi agent. Luckily all came out all right with no death, but it just shows his resolve and I think Peter can learn a lot from this. Both Olivia and Walter have changed a lot in character development, almost to the point even being separate people from before. It's still early in this series but I want to see more of Peter character and development. I also feel like more is needed to become closer to all these characters in this series.
  • Walters guilt.


    This week the Fringe group is after a lab created monster, it's a mix of several different species as an experiment. The monster isaccidentally released by animal rightsactivists.

    Charlie is scratched by the monster and gets "knocked up" which is going to kill him in 24 hours. To save his life they must catch the monster and use it's blood as anantidote.

    Walter get's suddenly extremely guilty in this episode thinking the lab used his old idea to create the monster, even though he later finds out that he wasn't responsible he still can't let it go. This guilt almost kills him when he goes off on a suicide mission to kill the monster. I find this a bit weird, why so guilty now? He is behind so many things that is now used against society by terrorist. Was this the last drop? Has everything finally caught up with him? I miss the regular Walter.

    Olivia and I don't like Peter flirting and talking on the phone with Rachel. But what can we do??

  • The monster!

    I do not understand how people could not love Fringe, particularly this episode. It had a little bit of everything: some foreshadowing toward a possible Peter and Olivia romance, a JJ Abrams quality monster and even a throwback to Stephen King's classic It by the crew going into the sewer to confront the monster.

    Fringe seems to be hitting its creative stride this year and while a second season renewal is all but certain I just hope they do not "peak" too early and hit a sophomore slump. Because this show is quality TV, and one of the best on the air right now.
  • Not my favorite - but it's Fringe.

    Animal Rights activists seem to be all over the television as of late and Fringe is right there but with a twist. I was intrigued as Olivia found herself looking for an escaped genetic hybrid created animal that uses humans as their nesting grounds. With Charlie as it's latest victim. you knew the clock was ticking. I loved watching Walter's mind click and work once he realized that the creature stemmed from his research. I found it interesting to see conflict arise between Walter and Peter, because it was different than the usual. I actually loved watching Peter's fear when he realized that Walter was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to right his wrong. The other bonus within the epsiode was Astrid being more involved and offering more input as well as direction.
  • A beast is on the loose

    A beast is unleashed that kills 4 (at the start) people that looks like a cross between a lion, rhino, snake and a bat and probably more. Walter had some sort of dealings with this beast back in the day. Charlie got attacked by the specie and Walter discovered that his laying little eggs inside the body for a 24-hour period before eating through the body to emerge. Luckily, Walter convinces the team that if they can get a blood sample from the original beast, they could reverse the effects of the offspring and kill them off. But to do so, they gotta comb the sewers and find the beast, kill it and take the blood. They do so in the end and Charlie is back home and well.
  • A man-made creature attacks Charlie and Walter's history catches up with him.

    A man-made creature attacks Charlie and Walter's history catches up with him. Solid episode, but they have kind of overdone the "monster" storyline. This episode mainly focused on Charlie, which I thought was good. However, they have all ready done the storyline of a random monster that no one knows what it is until the near end of the episode. This was also following my favorite episode of the show and the standalone portion of the episode was really annoying me with the episode with the Observer coming before it. Overall, I hope to see Mr. Jones and the Observer come back into play here by the end of the season.
  • Quite scary

    I have to admit that this is the second episode in a row from Fringe that I've really enjoyed. What a horrible, scary and disgusting monster. I don't want to compare it to the XF, because XF is like a religion and a world of the best tv ever, but it sure was very interesting from beginning to end.

    I don't know what is the deal with Peter and Olivia's sister, but I hope it stays there. Walter was very worried and was able to find out what was going on and come up with an antidote to the monster's larvae. Too bad he wanted to do it on his own, he felt guilty even when he didn't do anything wrong.

    Looking forward to watching the next episode.
  • Regrettably, Fringe falls back on the 'monster of the week' formula with 'Unleashed', as if struggling to come up with a fresh psuedo-scientific-but-more-like-paranormal premise.

    Regrettably, Fringe falls back on the 'monster of the week' formula with 'Unleashed', as if struggling to come up with a fresh psuedo-scientific-but-more-like-paranormal premise. While the beast we were treated to in 'The Transformation' was well realised and rather frightening, largely because it was borne of a human being, the glorified python-eagle-bat thing we get here is just lacklustre. The effects aren't exactly offensive but they certainly don't impress either, failing to gel well with the live action and feeling like the CGI add-ons that they are. The only really believable moment in which the lovely thing appears is in the sewers towards episode's end, and that's mainly because it's dark. Oh, and they probably spent a bit more money on getting us that aggressive facial shot. I suppose the sequence with the child playing in the park is okay too, primarily because our view of the creature is largely restricted. Of course, I can forgive disappointing special effects if the story is strong but unfortunately, that's not the case here. Olivia, Walter and Peter effectively run around chasing a genetically modified monster for forty minutes while Charlie threatens to give birth to its larvae. Sure, it's nice to see this peripheral character get a slice of the action, and some form of back story, but his inevitable recovery is never in any doubt and the concept itself doesn't exactly enthuse. The plot feels like it's being stretched thin, a fact backed up by the constant stops and starts in the story (going to the animal experimentation lab, leaving, going back again) and the injection of yet another instance of a case having some prior connection to Walter. Granted, it turns out that he isn't responsible for everything this week, which is a bit of a blessing, but the fact that it's used as a plot device in any shape or form is enough to get the eyes rolling. Still, at least John Noble gets to be angry and heroic for once instead of just loopy.
  • Not part of the main story arc, but still pretty darn good!

    Another filler type episode, but this one was much better than the last. I really liked this episode, Walter was brilliant in it! Another monster is on the loose, and Walter thinks it has something to do with him. The episode didn't have anything to really tie it to the main story arc, though it did still follow the structure of the show. I love how the show's so called filler episode can still fit in so well. It can almost be considered a normal day for the Fringe team. Yes, there is a bigger picture, but it's nice to know when things are at a standstill, they can still produce excellent episodes. Now, that's not saying the writers are out of idea's, really I think it's just a tactic to keep us guessing. I would love to at least have a tidbit of information each episode, but in reality, things don't always work like that. So in essence, the show almost has a reality to it, maybe not the desired effect, but it's something I have come to accept and enjoy about this show. Bravo on the episode!
  • Its a monster.

    Charlie survives such an encounter with the creature, and the Fringe Division must race to capture it for a sample of its blood before the larvae eat their way out of Charlie. This episode reminded me of the movie The Host I think it was the monster and where it lurked in the sewer but moving on from that this was a good episode that focused on some characters that dont have the most screen time. It felt different to past eppisodes and the last half hour was fantastic, Walter nearly had it for a second but he didnt. all in all this was a decent episdoe of Fringe. 9 out of 10.
  • Half scorpion, half lizard, half bear, and half pig!

    If Fringe is good at anything, it's being average and this episode is a fitting testament. Fringe appears happy at just getting by without doing anything overtly wonderful.

    This was a typical monster of the week episode one might otherwise find in an episode of Scooby Doo or The X-Files on a really bad day. The characterization was off as well with Walter acting nuttier than usual with a guilt complex I never really understood the root of.

    The rest of the cast appeared to be going through the motions as well in a passable but forgettable episode. I will say, though, that Fringe continues to be one of the goriest shows on television and I find that amusing every week.
  • Another monster of the week

    This episode was much more stand-alone than even the previous installment, which meant that the success or failure of the story rested entirely upon its own strengths and weaknesses. Considering the premise and format of the series, this could have easily fallen into overly familiar patterns. As it was, some moments felt like they were HD transfers from an old "X-Files" episode. The focus on character, however, gave this a bit more heft.

    Two characters were at the center of attention this week: Walter and Charlie. In Walter's case, it makes sense. He's always been aware, on some level, that the various pieces of The Pattern have been related to his previous work. But now, after "Ability", he is aware (on whatever level that he's aware of anything) that he is more connected to the horrors being unleashed on the world than he might have thought. And while he has never been great with the whole notion of consequences, by his own admission, this episode proves that it has been weighing on him.

    Charlie, on the other hand, has been relegated to the background most of the time, so this is the first glimpse of who he really is, beyond his role as Olivia's partner at the FBI. As it turns out, he has the most saccharine relationship with his wife that I've seen in years. Who actually talks like that? He also has a lot more tattoos than one would imagine. These are little things, but they serve to make Charlie more human, rather than just a friend and partner for Olivia.

    The creature was definitely interesting and different. I was a bit confused by the lifecycle, however. By that logic, wouldn't all of the victims have been infested with the larvae? And if so, were they sure that they destroyed each and every last one of them? It's entirely possible that there's at least one of the little buggers crawling around somewhere, preparing to mature and run rampant in the future.

    There's really not much more to say. The episode was solid, the character interactions were strong, and the case was a nice throwback to the "monster of the week" episodes of an old favorite. If there's one drawback, it's the ongoing lack of character development for Peter. He's been steadily growing more comfortable with his father's weirdness, but he needs to be brought further into the forefront to give him more depth.
  • A monster escapes from a secret laboratory and only 3 people in the world can put a stop to its rampage. And these 3 people have a great time trying to do so.

    I only watched this show because it came on immediately after IDOL (love me sum Adam Lambert) and I figured a fun monster movie would be a good distraction while cleaning the house.

    What a HUGE disappointment. I was a HUGE X-File fan and thought this show might be similar. But the writing was full of cliches and the situations involving the so-called monster were just ridiculous. For one thing, it was too hard to believe that the team presented was the only one searching for the Monster. Let's face it, if this happened in real life, the whole world would be fixated on trying to capture the beast as presented.

    Yes, I know. This is fantasy. However, it is very poorly written fantasy. There was never a moment where you could really believe in what was taking place on screen. Take yourself back to the first ALIEN movie in which we were all terrified because the characters seemed REAL - and the monster seemed like an absolute possibility - cause everyone was SCARED!

    In this episode, even the mom in the playground didn't seem too concerned that there was a creature on the loose and she suspected something was hiding in the playground equipment. If someone tells me there is a rattlesnake loose in the backyard, I'm going to think long and hard before letting my child go play in the backyard - if at all.

    Come on! If this show has a chance of surviving, the writers need to quit being lazy and make the characters much more interesting. Right now, it's more of the same not done particularly well.

    Just an awful mess!
  • Monster of the week. Literally.

    Last week's episode I rated 6.5/10 - despite it's connection to the overall mythology, it was lacking.

    This week's episode a certain improvement. Emotions, some drama, cool effects, but in the end, it somewhat falls short. Why? Because it's fully episodic...

    I'm a cliffhanger junkie. A good cliffhanger can make an average episode good. So, I was really counting on one here. Perhaps a revelation that would connect this week's monster to the show's big picture.

    But, it didn't happen. Still, it was a good episode. I really liked the monster. It was good CGI, although it seemed too big to me to fit in the playground set, however, I guess I shouldn't nitpick, since it's TV...(it would've been nice to see it when they transfer the blood, though)

    The whole Francis thing was pretty good too. Some good emotional content... but given the show's nature, his fate was never really in question.

    However, the best thing of all was Walter. I like his dodgy behavior, it's something that hasn't really been touched upon since the pilot, when he raged several times. I also enjoyed Peter's dialouges with him. Especially the one where Peter was shouting like a certain Fringe troll.

    Overall though, all that's nice, but I'm not a big fan of episodic content, so I can't really give it more than a solid 7.5, hopefully next week will advance the story a bit.
  • Yet another X-Files formatted episode.

    Great, another X-Files episode, monster of the week, doesn't move the ball forward at all for The Pattern, ZFT, Observers/Warriors, etc. Why can't ANYBODY in Hollywood do an authentic, serious scifi series ?! It can't be that difficult! I am SOOO tired of this retreaded tripe!

    Not only that, but it was just plain hard to watch anyway: the banter between Peter and Walter was downright hostile, Olivia's sister is again in boring adorable-mode along with her daughter, it's half-way through the episode before Peter and Olivia finally determine "we've got to find this thing", right, after only like five people have already been torn apart but now they're only moved to action because their buddy Charlie might explode. I could go on with the idiocies of this episode but the point's made. I fear the only Pattern episode we're gonna to see again this season will be the finale. If they're going to keep up with this show strategy I hope they're cancelled, we've already seen the X-Files in the '90s we don't need it re-hashed only ten years later, heck, the X-Files is still in syndication!
  • Olivia, Peter and Walter must search for a mysterious creature in order to save Charlie.

    Best episode yet! It had a fearsome creature, Walter v Peter banter, and a race to save a friend. Love the moments between Peter and Walter, especially the breakfast bit and when Walter decides to show an uncharacteristic unselfishness. I'm really loving the relationship between these two, both in the comedic and the serious moments. You can really tell now how much these two really care about each other and they can show it in ways that are sometimes funny, sometimes sweet and always heartwarming. And was it me or was there something going on between Peter and Olivia? She seemed kinda flattered at first that he called her and it wasn't work related, until she found out that he was calling for her sister. Then she seemed a little jealous. The creature and the story behind it was awesome. The mystery behind what it is and where it came from was intriguing, add to that the attack on a team member, what it really does to its victims and the team's race to save a friend. The show seems to be getting better with each episode.