Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2009 on FOX

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  • Unleashed

    Case of the week. They come from all sides and all seasons. Wandering around we found the sick, the criminal, the disappeared. The mystery, murder and lies. If we continue to travel and stop in section 16 of "Fringe" give face to face with the monster. The week.

    Four students, members of a group of animal rights, invade a pharmaceutical laboratory, where experiments are carried out with different species. But, and here there is always a "but" do not experience only perfumes and lipsticks in monkeys, and offenders quickly realize that to give face to face with a creature who would not drop at all. In the loose and no collar, is a matter of time before making his next victim. Into action the team lead and this time is the time the agent Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) to prove the imminence of death. It is strange to be attacked by and infected with larvae in a small space of 24 hours will insist on his belly gently blow. The hunt for the creature goes so fast against the clock in the end, where everything ends smoothly.

    After an episode dedicated to one of the most mythical characters of this universe, The Oservador, back to the layout of the "monster of the week." And know us a little. Why? Mainly because this scheme on "Fringe" does not result in the best way. The "X Files" - did not want to be falling in this comparison now so worn, but it got better - full seasons had cases during the week, different, nothing that would link the central plot, shown only in the beginning and end of each series . So why aliciava in a new case with Scully autonomous and not a new case and autonomous with Dunham (Anna Torv)? I think that mainly has to do with the mystery. Lacks a guiding principle that the intrigue from start to finish of each episode, whether or not the matter to the central part of the story. There is a case in this case a monster that hides nothing and merely run away to be caught. There is a twist in the action, a slight twist, or something that just burst in the final. Halfway through the episode already knew everything and knew nothing else would know.

    Examples previous turn out to be useful because of its importance as a single piece overall assembly. Make sense when we see the whole picture. However, this mixture of species or is part of a larger plan, but also recalls the creature of the plane (and a bit of a "Cloverfield"). And one thing that the supernatural has in abundance is variety of topics, so the flavor repetition can be avoided easily.

    But all is not sadness:

    We had the right to know a little more of the life of Charlie, played by an excellent actor who until now had not taken its rightful airtime;

    Perspective is a love triangle between Peter (Joshua Jackson) and his two sisters;

    The final scene of the sewage could briefly bring to mind the "Alien";

    No big action scenes, the episode still managed to keep a good pace.

    Conclusion: when they sit in the main plot and earn the notion that the case is independent, we need mystery. We need more imagination to make us go back and yell "Fringe" as a subject always essential.