Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Anti-Invisible Man

    The Anti-Invisible Man.

    A highly imaginative twist on HG Wells' "The Invisible Man" theme.

    Subverts Wells' theme. Instead of seeing invisibility as an asset, the Anti-Invisible Man sees it for what it is, a curse that prevents him from being seen by the woman he loves.
  • New Fringe Team

    Boring episode, first time ever I fell asleep lucky i have tivo rewind back see what I missed. I didn't miss a thing, other than Lincoln having feeling for Olivia and vice versa. I really tired of this Lincoln thing they tried him in the alt universe with Bolivia and in this world. Peter is suppose to be a main character and he had 3 scenes in this show all about 3-5mins, while Lincoln is everywhere like Peter was. I don't know where this is heading but Peter really thinks he's from a different world, and quite frankly the way this is going I hoping it is so we can get back to the real and old Fringe team. This Fringe team seem inexperienced in the supernatural, Walter is awkward and distant and very cruel I hope they throw him back to st. claries. The sooner they listen to Peter the sooner they understand a lot of the stuff is going on, I surprise no one ask him of his world or how it's similar. They drag out common sense and its frustrating.
  • Sublime Ending!!!

    THe ending of this was unexpected and sublime.Kudos to the writers and actors. The ending where the man dies in the elevator after telling someone his name for the first time and having someone watch him was so apt. I really liked it.
  • Wallflower

    I just did not like this episode of Fringe very much. I won't go out and give it two thumbs down, but I found "U-Gene" to be a bit boring, and the special effects to be on the poor side, as opposed to the show's usual high quality. Not a strong supernatural event and not particularly great acting throughout the show tonight either.
  • Eugene Tooms re-boot??


    Am I the only person who saw the similarities between this episode and the creepy liver eating Eugene Tooms in the X files Episode Squeeze? No one else seems to have mentioned it and perhaps I am just biased - but as I watched it I was immediately reminded of that strange character and the suspense associated with that episode. Then when they said his name was Eugene ( U-gene) it just seemed like too much of a coincidence.....

    Anyway- this was a good episode- it had an element of horror and suspense to it that worked. I liked the stand alone aspect of it. The bigger story line of this season has been hard to follow- frankly I have not really kept up with it. I miss the interaction between Olivia and Peter and all the multiple layers with alternate universes and time travel just seem to muddy the waters....

  • Now we know what was the material for the costume in the Crisis game.*spoilers everywhere*


    New Fringe case appears to be about a man with rear genetic disorder. Thisdisorder makes him extremely sensitive to the light but also makes him invisible. This man lived in the lab for the whole live until the fire gives him a chance to run away.

    Eugene(U-gene - unusual genetic - this is his name) was suffering because of loneliness because nobody could see him and he wanted to be like every body else. And he tries to solve his problem by suckingpigments from people and making a bath with them(I mean pigments).

    Eugene's story remind Olivia that he was also test subject for Cortexiphan. And she has a thought that something maybe wrong with her because of that. That's why she has social or intimate relationships.

    And in the end appears that Olivia is still test subject.

    There are many questions after this episode:

    Is that Cortexiphan what Olivia was given? What consequences is this lead to?

    If there were such promising research for decades where are the invisible soldiers and machinery? I'm talking about chameleon skin.

    Why does Peter encourageLincoln in relationships with Olivia?

  • Hey, a ( mostly ) standalone episode ! Been a while !


    We haven't had one of these since what ? mid-season 2 ? Except for the ( very ) few ( but good ) scenes with Peter, who took a serious backseat this week, and some "migraine" scenes, it was mostly a case of the week ... but luckily, not a bad one. While learning more about "Eugène", you could feel more and more sympathy for the guy ... and his last scene, where he realizes that the one he wanted to be noticed by had noticed him all along, and then dies ... I dare you not to be moved by it. It's always nice to see Walter be so efficient in his experiments, and the chase scene was reasonably well done, but ... Olivia ... please ... "Let's split up" ??? Have you ever seen an horror movie, ANY one of them ??? And, since I'm on the subject of weird lines ... Peter never thought he'd be a Fringe event ? Hello-o ! Your abduction was THE original Fringe event !!! Anyway, it was a weak episode for a mid-season finale, but it wasn't written as such, so, since it didn't felt like a waste of time, no problem.

    Oh, and I can't wait to see what Nina's plan is. I trust her even LESS than before, can you believe it ? I can't remember Nina willingly harming Olivia before, and the personal connection makes it even nastier. ( Could it be she's already been shapeshifted ? )