Season 2 Episode 13

What Lies Below

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on FOX

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  • What Lies Below

    Sometimes it is difficult to create something completely new. Being original is hard work. But it is always possible in a universe like this peculiar grasping in common situations and give them another guise, paint them with the special touch. Make them different.

    This happened in the last "Johari Window" in the vein of mutant creatures in a small village received due attention, with almost everything on the site. Now comes the 12 with the hope that history will repeat itself, do the same virus that made his cheeks deformed. Unfortunately this "What Lies Below" is a gigantic failure.

    Beginning in the interpretations that had a day out. The premise, while not releasing anything new, built an interesting basis for a different dynamic between the pair protagonist, Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv). The first infected, healthy second, the two enclosed. It cast doubt on their relationship of friendship, affection and their dialects, their choices and decisions. To what extent do we protect those we love at the expense of the rest of the world? That is what could have been the baseline of the whole story but was relegated to the background. Jackson and Torv stick their autopilot, without a drop of blood and heart, and with some moments that they even skim the ridiculous. We can not fully monitor the transformation of Peter, his duel inside (if there was) and finally we have the right to confrontation without a flame. It does not take a central development of the plot to the characters evolve, these episodes are for this very lonely, to test the character, with themselves and each other. "Fringe" just can not do that.

    And if a double enclosed was a disaster that was out here could be much more interesting, Walter (John Noble) and Astrid (Jasika Nicole). There is here a dynamic that never sets, balance between the father / daughter, teacher / student and touches the shifting fields of love. This uncertainty makes it alive and exciting, unpredictable and exciting. If the old scientist had already proved their quality, Astrid shows here that deserves more, much more. And both deserved a better script this story because the virus was written over the knee, disconnected from everything and everyone. There is a virus that came from far and will be sold. The sale goes wrong and a building is quarantined. Some are infected, some not - without much notice and despite claiming to be by direct contact - and suddenly, in a time trial with a hammer, a cure is discovered in an old memory and in some leftovers from the refrigerator. I like mysterious and final arguments in the open, but this episode is a giant patchwork quilt that makes no sense.

    We like this more a case of the week, much weaker than usual. The story was loose interpretations very poor and lacking voltage. Saved very little of this vicious virus.

    The Best: The duo Walter / Astrid.

    The Worst: The rest.
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