Season 4 Episode 20

Worlds Apart

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • An exciting turn of events!

    The thing about this episode was that there was never a dull moment. It was propelled by brilliant character interactions, mystery, revelations and suspense.

    My favourite moment would have to be the realisation that Jones was using cortexiphan subjects to cause the quakes. I knew I recognised Sally Clark and there was a great satisfaction when it was revealed who she was and also the return of Nick Lane! I had been wondering recently, if they were going to address that in the Season 2 finale, Alt Lincoln recognised Nick Lane, I was really worried they were going to leave that plot point unsolved.

    Also, I liked that in this episode it was made clear that the actions of Walter and Bell were taken advantage of by Jones. None of what Jones is doing would have been possible without Walter and Bell's contribution. You could see the guilt in Walter's face when he realised how Jones had convinced the cortexiphan subjects. It was a fantastic moment.

    What made this episode exceptionally exciting was its use of suspense. It was really thrilling! Chris Tilton's musical score was once again perfect. His use of Cellos just amazes me. Every time the music starts playing I get so excited! Fantastic work!

    The ending was what really surprised me. I did not expect the universes to be closed off from one another by the machine! I have suspicions we will see the other side again, though. But this part of the story gave rise to some excellent writing and some superb character interactions. The actors did a spot on job as always. I did cry. Haha.

    The big question is, what now? We weren't left on a cliff hanger so we really have been left in the dark. I am very excited to see how this season will conclude!