Season 4 Episode 20

Worlds Apart

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • no wonder it's fringe !

    It's not unorthodox to see another fringe episode releasing another dose of questions, mysteries and unsolved matters, no wonder it's fringe. Hat down to writers as they are talented in their imaginations to keep the action, fringiness and drama in a show. I am not much of a TV follower but not every drama and suspense has to involve killing and it's so rare to see that kind of drama coupled with scienses and technology combined with a blend of emotions.

    There were many strange things as usual. Frankly I didn't expect nick lane to be fooling fringe division and I was really hoping to find clues over there. But since we as viewers have invested emotionally in this show as well, we couldnt see from the outside that it's perhaps to early to reveal DRJ.

    There were some redundant moments I say and perhaps this episode is a stretched one albeit nicely directed. When olivia says "after it rains, keep looking up", I really liked that because it's a sign of hope and that fauxolivia should always keep on hoping.

    Up until this episode and before seeing the promo, I was in agreement with walter when he said that DRJ has a remarkable mind to outsmart the rest but is willam bell coming back?

    This is going to be a strange and highly strong change of course for fringe because there are many new directions: is William bell behind all that and DRJ is commander in chief? the preview unfortunately doesnt that much (maybe intentionally) but as a message to writers, I do hope the final couple of episodes are strong enough to represent a new course of action and stear towards a season 5 (which by the way what I hope defenetly).

    The preview says now the answers you have been waiting for but I doubt that its correct, because there will be millions other questions raised.

    So if we look at the following entities:

    1- David Robert Jones

    2- Observers

    3- William bell

    4- cortexiphan children

    5- second world degradation.

    the question becomes: who is going to be the star of the season finale?