Season 4 Episode 20

Worlds Apart

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • Worlds Apart

    They tried too hard for an overly melodramatic episode, and that's just not where this show is at its best. Coming off the last episode I was actually disappointed with this.
  • "Fringe" is a TV show written and produced to near feature film quality.

    Writers often lend stories weight by increasing the stakes involved. The higher the stakes, the weightier the story.

    In "Fringe" the protagonists are fighting to save not just the nation, not just the world, but the universe. In fact they are fighting to save not one, but two universes.

    You can't get much more weightier than that!

    But this is hardly the only factor that makes the show feel important.

    "Fringe" writers have been amazingly adept at depicting human relationships as well. This episode is an excellent example.

    The scene in which the protagonists from the two universes must say their goodbyes before the connection between the two universes is severed, forever, was truly touching.

    "Fringe" is a TV show written and produced to near feature film quality.
  • Great Plot, with a little sloppy writing

    Great big-picture plot. I like the return of David Robert Jones - he was built up to be such a great villain in the 1st Season, but ultimately came to nothing. Now that he's back, it's good to see echoes of the "army to fight the other universe" plot that also petered into nothing in Season 1. The reboot of the timeline was a clever arc device to fix a lot of strategic mistakes made by the producers early on.

    A few things annoyed me about this episode, mostly silliness caused by a one-eyed vision of where the plot HAD to go, irrespective of logic. This is usually a characteristic of lesser series; it's disappointing to see it here.

    1. A small niggle. It was impossible for it to be simultaneously daytime in the USA, UK and Australia. OK, blame the director, but the script should have specified a night scene at at least one of these locations.

    2. It was pretty stupid of the Fringe team to leave Nick alone in a car with ONE agent, and no backup or surveillance of any kind, especially when he's (a) not yet proven to be trustworthy, and (b) already explained his deadly empathy projection powers to the team... again. Dumb dumb dumb. If that agent had died, imagine the guilt.

    3, The Fringe team was also uncommonly and uncharacteristically dim when trying to find a solution to the problem of stopping Jones' plan. The obvious solution was to find and restrain/incapacitate/kill (if necessary) the cortexaphan agents ASAP. Immediately. They should have started looking as soon as they realised who was involved. If they didn't get all of them, they might get enough to foil Jones' plan. They knew how many earthquakes there were, so they knew the number involved. (assuming he didn't have any in reserve). They also had files on all the kids. So why didn't they at least TRY? We know why, of course - it's because the script demanded that they close the bridge. Frustrating to watch. Reminded me of Torchwood, where the one-eyed stupidity would make me shout at the screen. I didn't expect that from Fringe.

    Despite all that, a good episode, though it's sad to say goodbye to the red universe.

  • Worlds Apart

    I am in love with Fringe. I like many others seem to think that DRJ is actually trying to save the Universe or Multiverse.

    After learning the Observers were bad, minus a few, I seem to remember that episode inn season one where Fringe investigates a cop who exploded like an ice bomb in order to prevent Observers getting information on Walter, Peter and Olivia. Remember they were passing briefcases around with info on Walter, Peter and the Fringe Team and this Army guy was trying to stop them. I wander what else that Army guy knows?

    I am so excited to see what happens.

    What ever happens I know I will love it.
  • Great show but with some bugs

    This episode has a "big bug". If you can see when people were activating their abilities to trigger the earthquake at the same time. In US, it is daylight all right, but not in China or Australia or some other areas around the world because they should be either night time or dawn. Of course it doesn't really make any sense about shutting down the doomsday machine to prevent collapse of both universes. Well anyhow, this episode is really great if they can fix the bugs and makes a bit more sense.
  • fantastic (SPOILERS)

    This episode was absolutely spectacular. The ending was so emotional! I was so happy when Linc decided to go with Fauxlivia back to the other side. It was also nice seeing Nick Lane again! Can't wait to see what the season finale holds...

    I have started to wonder if DRJ isn't the true villian. When he said about enjoying tea while he can, it points to him knowing about the future Observer takeover (water is severely restricted). So, it's possible what he's doing is trying to prevent that and create a "better" world, in his own twisted way. It's possible that alt-Bell is the true villian behind it all. It's unlikely that he died in a car crash... too convenient. And in the preview, we found out Bell is alive...

    I have to stop questioning the science behind some of this haha...
  • 4x10 "Worlds Apart"

    I'm crying, I just finished this episode, and I'm crying....
  • String Theory anyone?

    This episode was a BIG advertisement for string theory. Universes colliding to create new universes... at it heart it was and IS string theory. For an explanation of what string theory is, please watch the your youtube video with Michio Kaku, world renown theoretical physicist and co-author of string theory.
  • "the universe is change"

    what a great episode. did not expect to see the bridge closed... will we see the 'red' universe again? I think i'll miss it. I counted (in my head) they said the word 'jones' at least 35 times... is he the real enemy?? The teaser for the next show blew my mind. I liked the fact that the 2 Walters shared that moment.... been waiting for that. Will we see Seth Gable again?? Is Belly really alive?? That would be a crazy twist. Also i liked that there was no 'mission impossible' music in the episode. I just hope & pray there will be a season 5.

    I just saw this...

    I don't know if it was made up or not but i hope it's legit!!!!
  • "Our life is what our thoughts make it"

    A very fitting quote for a show that seems to know no bounds as far as imagination is concerned, and beautifully delivered by John Noble. Walter and Walternate was a scene I was wainting for something like at least two seasons, and I wasn't disappointed. Finally, after all these years spent fearing or hating each other, they come to an understanding ... just when it's almost too late. Walternate's forgiveness reminded me of "White tulip". It was that powerful. But all actors were perfect, from Anna Torv ( no rainbow ? so sad ... ) to Seth Gabel or the one playing Nick Lane. Emotions were everything, and the plot was simple enough not to distract from them. The ending was just heartbreaking : I suspect we haven't seen the last of the red universe , but it might take some time to go back there, and that's a pity.

    Oh and just to be nasty : with Jones now the only one who can cross over ( until Olivia's power resurfaces, that is ) , what chances does each of the world have against him ?
  • no wonder it's fringe !

    It's not unorthodox to see another fringe episode releasing another dose of questions, mysteries and unsolved matters, no wonder it's fringe. Hat down to writers as they are talented in their imaginations to keep the action, fringiness and drama in a show. I am not much of a TV follower but not every drama and suspense has to involve killing and it's so rare to see that kind of drama coupled with scienses and technology combined with a blend of emotions.

    There were many strange things as usual. Frankly I didn't expect nick lane to be fooling fringe division and I was really hoping to find clues over there. But since we as viewers have invested emotionally in this show as well, we couldnt see from the outside that it's perhaps to early to reveal DRJ.

    There were some redundant moments I say and perhaps this episode is a stretched one albeit nicely directed. When olivia says "after it rains, keep looking up", I really liked that because it's a sign of hope and that fauxolivia should always keep on hoping.

    Up until this episode and before seeing the promo, I was in agreement with walter when he said that DRJ has a remarkable mind to outsmart the rest but is willam bell coming back?

    This is going to be a strange and highly strong change of course for fringe because there are many new directions: is William bell behind all that and DRJ is commander in chief? the preview unfortunately doesnt that much (maybe intentionally) but as a message to writers, I do hope the final couple of episodes are strong enough to represent a new course of action and stear towards a season 5 (which by the way what I hope defenetly).

    The preview says now the answers you have been waiting for but I doubt that its correct, because there will be millions other questions raised.

    So if we look at the following entities:

    1- David Robert Jones

    2- Observers

    3- William bell

    4- cortexiphan children

    5- second world degradation.

    the question becomes: who is going to be the star of the season finale?
  • An exciting turn of events!

    The thing about this episode was that there was never a dull moment. It was propelled by brilliant character interactions, mystery, revelations and suspense.

    My favourite moment would have to be the realisation that Jones was using cortexiphan subjects to cause the quakes. I knew I recognised Sally Clark and there was a great satisfaction when it was revealed who she was and also the return of Nick Lane! I had been wondering recently, if they were going to address that in the Season 2 finale, Alt Lincoln recognised Nick Lane, I was really worried they were going to leave that plot point unsolved.

    Also, I liked that in this episode it was made clear that the actions of Walter and Bell were taken advantage of by Jones. None of what Jones is doing would have been possible without Walter and Bell's contribution. You could see the guilt in Walter's face when he realised how Jones had convinced the cortexiphan subjects. It was a fantastic moment.

    What made this episode exceptionally exciting was its use of suspense. It was really thrilling! Chris Tilton's musical score was once again perfect. His use of Cellos just amazes me. Every time the music starts playing I get so excited! Fantastic work!

    The ending was what really surprised me. I did not expect the universes to be closed off from one another by the machine! I have suspicions we will see the other side again, though. But this part of the story gave rise to some excellent writing and some superb character interactions. The actors did a spot on job as always. I did cry. Haha.

    The big question is, what now? We weren't left on a cliff hanger so we really have been left in the dark. I am very excited to see how this season will conclude!