Season 4 Episode 20

Worlds Apart

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • Great Plot, with a little sloppy writing

    Great big-picture plot. I like the return of David Robert Jones - he was built up to be such a great villain in the 1st Season, but ultimately came to nothing. Now that he's back, it's good to see echoes of the "army to fight the other universe" plot that also petered into nothing in Season 1. The reboot of the timeline was a clever arc device to fix a lot of strategic mistakes made by the producers early on.

    A few things annoyed me about this episode, mostly silliness caused by a one-eyed vision of where the plot HAD to go, irrespective of logic. This is usually a characteristic of lesser series; it's disappointing to see it here.

    1. A small niggle. It was impossible for it to be simultaneously daytime in the USA, UK and Australia. OK, blame the director, but the script should have specified a night scene at at least one of these locations.

    2. It was pretty stupid of the Fringe team to leave Nick alone in a car with ONE agent, and no backup or surveillance of any kind, especially when he's (a) not yet proven to be trustworthy, and (b) already explained his deadly empathy projection powers to the team... again. Dumb dumb dumb. If that agent had died, imagine the guilt.

    3, The Fringe team was also uncommonly and uncharacteristically dim when trying to find a solution to the problem of stopping Jones' plan. The obvious solution was to find and restrain/incapacitate/kill (if necessary) the cortexaphan agents ASAP. Immediately. They should have started looking as soon as they realised who was involved. If they didn't get all of them, they might get enough to foil Jones' plan. They knew how many earthquakes there were, so they knew the number involved. (assuming he didn't have any in reserve). They also had files on all the kids. So why didn't they at least TRY? We know why, of course - it's because the script demanded that they close the bridge. Frustrating to watch. Reminded me of Torchwood, where the one-eyed stupidity would make me shout at the screen. I didn't expect that from Fringe.

    Despite all that, a good episode, though it's sad to say goodbye to the red universe.

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