Frisky Dingo

Season 2 Episode 9

A Take On 'Hooper'

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Mar 02, 2008 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

In a mass announcement, Sinn reveals her true self to the world--to the shock of Killface and the Deceptacles--and introduces the newly-formed Sisterhood of Chaos, consisting of Valerie, who is still wearing the robot pants; Antagone, still visibly pregnant; and Watley, the Dread Lobster; she also reveals that they now hold the Annihilatrix, thus ruling the world. The announcement doesn't quite go off without a hitch, as complaints include Antagone stepping over Val's line, Antagone's baby being called hideous, and the Deceptacles being let out completely, adding to the shock of learning Sinn is a woman. They admit they should have seen it coming, when one of them walked in on her in the bathroom (at the time, they thought Hooper was a guy with a vagina). They say they just need time to deal with this...

...which is something Vice-President Stan says they don't have, as newly-elected President Taqu'il prepares to deal with the matter himself, and will take Stan with him, telling him to "get [his] shit on"...

...but Xander is unable to, as he is tries to get into his gear while using forearm crutches and sporting a halo. Along with that, a doctor cannot give him an okay to fight the Sisterhood because his C3 and C4 vertebrae were cracked after Killface punched him with Lamont, which, using the Burt Reynolds movie Hooper as an example, could leave him paralyzed--Xander's third greatest fear. As Xander wonders who'll stop Hooper (Sinn), Wendell, dressed in Awesome-X gear, delivers a flying, neck-breaking kick to the doctor, offering his help.

Meanwhile, Killface wonders where Wendell is as he prepares to take back the Annihilatrix with Simon, who is convinced to take out Sinn with tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. Simon agrees, but would rather take his boyfriend, the role-playing nerd, to the concert. In the midst of this, Killface finally gets the "hobbit's" name--"Bobo Tea Baggins". As this goes on, Xander finally gives Wendell the okay to fight the Sisterhood, figuring one of two things will happen--Wendell loses the fight, or Wendell kills Antagone's unborn child. Wendell offers to use a machete.

On Air Force One, Taqu'il tries to assuage Stan's fears about them being on the same plane, citing the built-in parachute and the Presidential Succession Act, but two things don't help that matter: 1--the Cabinet is on the plane, and 2--the Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempore of the Senate have been poisoned by the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Mr. Ford. Taqu'il consults two scientists--the marine biologists--to update him on the possible giant ant-baby carried by Antagone, which is estimated to be 400,000 times the of a regular human.

On the "X-Calibur", Xander's doctor, now also wearing a halo, shows Antagone a sonogram image of her ant-baby, which should be a big one. Upon hearing more of her laughs, Sinn starts to re-think the Sisterhood; she has no problem with the charming Valerie, but Antagone is "worse than Dane Cook." The Deceptacles may not kill her because they're buying gifts for the baby.

Air Force One is shot with a missile launched by Mr. Ford, using the nerd's launcher. Taqu'il and Stan jump out of the plane, leaving the Cabinet onboard. While watching and hoping it doesn't hit the Annihilatrix, Sinn realizes it is unguarded, which Killface and Simon find to great delight. This delight is changed drastically when they see Air Force One crash into their uninsured apartment.