Frisky Dingo

Season 1 Episode 7

Meet Antagone

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Nov 27, 2006 on Adult Swim



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  • Quotes

    • Killface: Great! The one person in the world I want to kidnap, and now he's missing!

    • X-tacle 1: If he is Awesome X, that means he's been lying to us all these years.
      X-tacle 2: Yeah, which is...actually pretty uncool.

    • Phil: Ohn-Naa. Ohn-Naa.
      Killface: No no no no! Stop that! Stop that mantra!
      Phil: Oh Hi, and a blessed day to you.
      Killface: [annoyed] Mm?
      Phil: [optimistic] Mm!
      Killface: Mm?
      Phil: Mm! Ohn-Naa.
      [Killface shoots through Phil's speakers, ending the sitar music]
      Killface: Get the hell out of here!
      Phil: Mm, I can't. Lorraine kicked me out when she found out I had cancer.
      Killface: That fat slag!
      Phil: Enh!
      Killface: Surely this town has a Y, Philip?
      Phil: No, I'm getting a pretty nice healing vibe here. Good for my chakra.
      Killface: No, No, cancer's a bad influence on Simon! Worse than Sinn and that prawn and...whatever happend to Val?
      [The eyes of Mrs Killface's Portrait slide back, revealing Valerie's eyes, looking shifty; the original eyes are replaced.]
      Killface: Anyway, get your candles and your, white silks or whatever and just pop on down to the Y, hm?
      Phil: Ohmmmmy lawyers say the Annihilatrix caused my cancer.
      Killface: What lawyers?
      Phil: It's all here in the lawsuit.
      Killface: My God, the stones on you.

    • Grace: For Tense Forth News, I'm Grant Runyon.
      Cameraman: No, that time you said "Grant Runyon."
      Grace: God, what is wrong with me?
      Cameraman: Maybe you should go back to the doctor.
      Grace: Maybe you should go back to the doctor.
      Cameraman: [the camera is sticking out of his chest] Maybe you should shove your skinny arm up my a-hole and change out this tape!

    • Ronnie: [holding a blonde wig and superglue] Now, I will glue this to your head, and then I make love to your face.

    • Stan: Then call Grace Ryan. Set up a late supper, just the two of us, because now that I've assumed Xander Crews' professional position, I think it's high time I assume the position with his lovely paramour.

    • Killface: Phil, what does that look like?
      Phil: You know, from here it looks like ants are robbing that bank.
      Killface: Well, from here it looks like my financial worries are behind me. [He picks up a gold bar carried by an ant] Come over here, you have pockets.
      Phil: Better call my lawyer. This might be an attachable asset.
      Killface: No, don't call them.

    • Antagone: Unhand it or suffer my wrath.
      Killface: Now see here, woman. If anyone's wrath is going to be suffered, it's mine.
      Antagone: It's not wise to antagonize Antagone!
      Killface: I'm sorry, Auntie who?
      Antagone: Antagone!
      Killface: Was "Betty Bug Lady" already taken?

    • Killface: Once again, the mall has become my Waterloo. [Grabbing a post] I surrender.
      Antagone: A wise choi-- [She is hit with the post]
      Killface: And the next one's right in the tit!

    • X-tacle: Ronnie! Ronnie, open the door! [The door is blown open, as the X-tacles see Ronnie tied to a chair] Where the hell is Crews?! And where are your pants?

  • Notes

    • Grace's alternate personality of Antagone was first created from the hatred and jealousy when she discovered Xander with another woman in the episode "XPO". Grace fell into the radioactive waste with the ants at the end of "Kidnapped!". This brought Antagone into actual existence. Now, whenever Grace hears her name or sees Xander Crews, she becomes Antagone.

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