Frisky Dingo

Season 1 Episode 2

Meet Awesome X

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Oct 23, 2006 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Reporter Grace Ryan interviews the superhero Awesome X, who has just killed Disastron, the city's last surviving supervillain, and debunks the rumor that he, along with his mercenary army known as the "Xtacles," will be retiring. When Xander Crews, a self-centered millionaire tycoon, child of murdered parents, and alter ego of Awesome X, asks his assistant Stan about the rumor, he says that he may have issued a press release on the retirement so that Xander can be focused on running his international conglomerate. Xander gets a call from his girlfriend, Grace Ryan, on which he promptly hangs up.

Stan has assistant Watley pile up the "business" on Xander's desk so that he can learn to run the business, with the first order being to fire the Xtacles, who cost $5 million per year. Xander refuses to do so unless he somehow loses $5 million. While he rides in his limo, he gets another call from Grace, who wants to spend more time with him now that she done covering Awesome X's battles. After the call, he picks up a hooker and takes her to his mansion for sex and is almost caught by Grace. He manages to fool her by putting on his Awesome X mask. In doing so, he's revealed his secret identity to the hooker and buys her silence for $5 million. When Stan hears about this, he forces him to fire the Xtacles.

When Awesome X goes to the warship Xcalibur, he is greeted with the Xtacles ready to ambush him. He shoots several before they reveal that it was a surprise party for him; the guns they pointed at him shot bubbles. He tells the Xtacles to take it up with Xander Crews, since the Crews Company funds the entire operation. After talking them out of killing Xander, Awesome X is unable to answer any of the questions the Xtacles have about their 401K or health insurance. They give him a present: a homemade Awesome X doll. When he sees this, Awesome X comes up with the idea to save their jobs.

Stan is surprised to see Xander attend a board meeting, with the board consisting entirely of Stan's clones, who all only say "Harumph!" He informs the board that he's converted the factories over to making Awesome X action figures, of which he has brought a prototype for the board. Stan tells Xander that the dolls won't sell if Awesome X doesn't have a villain to fight--"a Cobra to your G.I. Joe, a Stretch Monster to your Stretch Armstrong, a Decepticon to your Autobot." Xander covers this by revealing the supervillain known as "the Dread Lobster"--Watley with lobster claws surgically replacing his hands. Stan berates him for ruining a 200-years-profitable company and reminds him that the dolls won't sell without a villain, when Xander sees the Killface postcard and thinks that Killface might make a good opponent.
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