Frisky Dingo

Season 1 Episode 2

Meet Awesome X

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Oct 23, 2006 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • If you look carefully as Xander presents his Awesome X action figure to the staff at the board meeting, you can see that the only other item inside his briefcase is a cupcake.

  • Quotes

    • Xander: I don't care what "Boys from Brazil" thing you got going on in there, but I'm still the boss in here. And we're making Awesome-X dolls, and they're gonna kick so much ass, you'll probably go blind. And if you still have a problem with that, there's the big-ass door.
      Stan: You're not going to sell doll one without a villain, you ninny--a Cobra to your G. I. Joe; a Stretch Monster to your Stretch Armstrong; a Decepticon to your Autobot!

    • Stan: Now all that superhero nonsense was all well and good but -
      Xander: (Interrupting) Nonsense?! I was avenging the untimely deaths of my murdered parents. (close up of parents, sad music begins playing)...who were murdered.
      Stan: Yeeeeeeeeessss..

    • Stan: Five million dollars?!
      Xander: Well, I had to pay her off. I can't have some blabbedy-mouth hooker running around with my secret identity! That's the first thing they teach you.
      Stan: Nobody cares about your secret identity!
      Xander: It's to protect my loved ones.
      Stan: You don't have any loved ones!
      Xander: [gasp] Stan!
      Stan: Who? That girlfriend you treat like dirt? Your murdered parents?
      [Quick shot of pictures of Xander's parents]
      Stan: And you can say good-bye to the X-tacles.
      Xander: What?
      Stan: What "what"? You just spent their entire salary for the year.
      Xander: See, I knew you were going to trick me into doing this!
      Stan: Me? You're the one who paid five million dollars for a blowjob!
      Xander: I... it was a half-and-half, first of all; second of all... okay I'm going.

  • Notes

    • Upon later airings of this episode, during the scenes where Taqu'ils' song (as performed by Killer Mike) is playing in the background, the refrain chorus of "All that j!zz. You know how it is..." has now been edited to say "All that T&A".

    • First appearance of Stan and the Board.

      Stan is the head of the board of Xander Crews' company, and one of only two people to actually know his secret identity as Awesome X. He is always trying to get Xander to drop his superhero identity. The Board of Crews' company is composed of ten people who look and sound identical to Stan. The only difference is they never speak full sentences and only respond with "Harumph!" said in unison.

    • First appearance of the Xtacles, Awesome X's band of cyborg soldiers. They are unaware of Awesome X's secret identity as Xander Crews.

    • First appearance of Grace Ryan, Xander Crews' news reporter girlfriend, who covers his exploits as Awesome X without being aware of his secret identity.

    • Killface does not appear in this episode.

    • This episode premiered first online at Adult Swim's website as part of their Adult Swim Fix on Friday, October 20th, 2006, along with premieres of other Adult Swim shows.

  • Allusions

    • Intrepid News Reporters

      Xander's news reporter girlfriend, Grace Ryan, is a parody of both Vicky Vale from Batman and Lois Lane from Superman. Much like Lois, she covers Awesome X's fights with villains and criminals. However, unlike the affection displayed by Bruce or Clark towards Vicky or Lois, Xander seems to detest Grace and frequently neglects and ignores her. In this episode he hangs up on her phone call and cheats on her with a prostitute.

    • Famous Superheroes

      Xander Crews' superhero persona of Awesome X appears to be a composite parody of several famous comic book superheroes, mainly DC Comics' Batman and Marvel Comics' Iron Man. His origin as billionaire playboy Xander Crews whose parents were tragically killed when he was young is an obvious reference to billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and how he became the Batman. Also, Xander's robotic suit, complete with rocket-powered boots, which he dons as Awesome X, is a reference to the battle armor suit worn by Tony Stark as Iron Man.