Frisky Dingo

Season 1 Episode 3

Pimp My Revenue

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Oct 30, 2006 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Taqu'il promotes his new movie, "Some Like It Krump" (bearing a striking resemblance to "Reservoir Dogs") on the daytime talk show "Live With Mitzi and Verl." Verl then brings out the "Item of the day," which is Killface's postcard. When Stan asks Xander why it's on "our" network, Xander says it's too complicated for him to say as "Phase One" begins. Killface is delighted that the postcard is on TV and will not let Simon's latest bowl smash spoil his mood. Sinn attempts to console Killface is overheard by Simon, who runs away crying. Killface demands that she apologize to Simon's self-esteem and eat the cereal on the floor in the broken bowl. As Killface is being hyped on the talk show, Taqu'il sees that the postcard reads: Welcome to you're "Doom!" A humiliated Killface hits his head against the counter and calls Valerie to explain the typos on the postcards and why he's a laughingstock, and she explains that he signed off on the proofs.

Xander tries to explain his profit scheme on the action figures to Stan's clone, who just says, "Harumph!"

Valerie reminds an exercising Killface that 40 million people saw the postcard and hints that she could get him on the show. Killface offers anything short of letting her go if she'll get him two segments on "Live With Mitzi and Verl."

As Killface is preparing to go onto the show, Mitzi and Verl spend what would've been his first segment talking about Mitzi's ring. In anger, Killface rips off the skin of a Scion tC representative before going on.

During his interview, Mitzi and Verl are in awe of Killface's awesome physique and tell him he should come on for "Fitness Friday." When he mentions that he can bench-press 900 kilos, Verl says he could bench a Scion tC, which leads into the first of many promos for the car that cut into the segment. Just as Verl is going to give everyone in the audience a new Scion tC, an exasperated Killface cuts in and berates the two hosts for wasting both of his segments; the first one because of Mitzi's wedding ring, which Killface implies is "paste," and the last segment because of "Scion fever." As Killface talks of destroying the world, the Scion tC is highlighted in the background, thus making him their pitchman. The message is lost on the hosts and the audience as Killface walks off, dooming all of them.

Stan wonders what the appearance accomplished, as Xander tells him that it "set the stage for Phase Two," which he thinks should be in Las Vegas. Having just been splashed with a puddle outside by a Scion tC--driven by the Xtacles, who had just watched the show and fell into the "fever"--Killface becomes even more upset about his gift basket.