Frisky Dingo

Season 1 Episode 3

Pimp My Revenue

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Oct 30, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • 11 mins of the most assanine absurdity, youll ever want to watch.

    This is the first spoof of Regis and Kelly that I have ever seen and all i can say is its Dawgone about time. Seriously those two should be forced to watch recordings of themselves repeatedly to listen to their ill logical ill begotten ramblngs. Another thing this episode does well is exasterbate the media's attempt to overload us with product placement, and not just in advertisement.Thats right I said exasterbate.hmm? Ohh and not forgetting how funny it was to see Killface so upset about you're "Doom". Typos are so easy to create yet incredibly frustrating to realise its too late to fix em. Haahaaha its so fun to LOL while you watch this show irergretably. I say why not watch this in your underware while drinking milk. You might as well save yourself some time and pour the glass onto your chest cuz thats where it will end up when u burst out laughing. Imagine that. Splendid.