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  • Gah, just blow the gdanm world already!

    extremely protracted ending that obviously gonna suck when they actually get to it. its like a soap opera, except less drama, the storyline drags on, kill him already! Seriously expected something better from the creators of Sealab 2021, which by the way was an awesome show, this one just makes me want to bash my head in, luckily its only 15 min and usually something better can show up like ATHF or even bird man. they should just made another season of sealab instead of this garbage, then again alot of the stuff adult swim is coming up with hasn't been as good as their previous stuff
  • Frisky Dingo is canceled.

    *This information is taken from the Adult Swim message board - I thought it would be appropriate if it were also listed here*

    Unfortunately I have some bad news here. Not only has adult swim canceled Frisky Dingo and the Xtacles, but 70-30 has closed it's doors and the guys are moving on. Apparently Matt Thompson is going to take a vacation but then plans to work on a pilot for a new show for Adult Swim, Adam Reed has made a pilot for a show on FX and some of the guys may join him. All I have to say is that Adult Swim really screwed up by letting these guys slip through their fingers.
  • Lots of crazy stuff happens…and happens…

    I would say the frisky dingo lives up to its name: it has a playful plot in a backwards setting. I much enjoy my favorite voices from sea lab 2021. In the early more logical episodes it poked fun at the classic hero batman, replacing the tragic Bruce Wayne with the playboy Xander Crews. The billionaire hero wannabe creates a hero identity Awesome X, however loses his marketing value for action figures…but conveniently a real evil doer Killface presents him with heroic opportunity. The plots are rather intricate and often involve a lot of background information that the audient is unaware of, such as the rabbit issues with Killface’s son. There are multiple storylines much like a soap opera and each episode an “hour” passes but nothing ever really gets accomplished.
    The show is defiantly unpredictable in the shows overall direction, but the main characters’ motivations seem to keep them all on their own general path, despite the addition of an intense dilemma at the end of every episode. It is generally clever and worth watching.
  • It's not too complicated, right? Try to take over the planet and have some fun along the way. There's only one problem being surrounded by idiots. This is Killface's dilemma.

    So, this is a cool little show that follow the characters of Killface and Xander Crews AKA Awesome X. Killface only wants to take over the world while Xander really just wants to have fun, play hero, and keep his company afloat to sustain his income so he can have fun. Okay so he's not a deep character but the show is very fun. The whole Killface story line is basically the daily grind of trying to build a giant machine to take over the world with while raising a deeply disturbed child. Yeah he has a kid. Overall you can see where the writers borrowed a lot of plot points and ideas from various tv and movie titles but you end up not really caring becasue it's done is such a different way that it's interesting. Also Killface is very funny and a like able villian. Check it out you might like it or you might not.
  • Frisky Dingo is a series that combines the surreal confrontational comedy of sealab with the gripping plot driven styles of 24 and prison break.

    From the first episode, Frisky Dingo effectively gripped me with its escalating plot style. Unlike most plot dependent shows like 24 and prison break, where I find myself feeling cheated by the writers after they inject complete random plot twists with a sense of gravity, Frisky Dingo does it with such a sense of absurdity that I found it humorous instead of humoring. The writers know how to confront the audience's expectation. Hilarity ensues as situations explode to almost unresolvable levels. Take how the naked xander cruise aka bartleby jones meets up with killface, killface loses his sight, xander cruise loses sight, both get locked up with chinese sweat shop workers and end up in a match to the death. The show pulls of its absurd surrealism with with such a quirky humor that I found it irresistible. While Frisky Dingo might not suit everyone, I strongly recommend most adult swim viewers, especially those who liked sealab and aqua teen hunger force, to tune in.
  • Fantastic character development in an animated comedy!

    Thank you Adult Swim. I love this show. I felt that AS had been missing something truly special since Sealab 2021 ended, but there’s no need to worry anymore because Frisky Dingo has filled that void wonderfully.

    The humor is that of which nearly anyone can enjoy. It’s spontaneous and relentlessly throws laugh-out-loud jokes at you. If you were even slightly amused at the comedy in Sealab 2021, than you should fit right in to the Frisky Dingo market.

    One of the most unique aspects of the show is its deep character development. The first handful of episodes are essentially introductions to all the main players. The relationship between the characters is slowly intertwined as the season progresses.. and it’s fantastic to watch. Unpredictable is barely a suitable word for the things that happen, shaping each character in to something entirely different, but still a riot to watch.

    The show itself is about a superhero, at heart, and his arch nemesis. You would expect some epic battle between the two, but that’s not what happens. They actually become dependent on each other later in the season. The irony is hilarious and well thought-out.

    I can’t recommend this show enough. Give it a try.
  • A look at the pragmatic reality of being a super hero/villain in post-911 adult swim land.

    I love this show. It took about 3 episodes to get the characters under my belt but now I find myself fiending every week for the next installment. Take the outrageously abstract humour of sealab 2021 and give it a linear storyline, exploring the relationships between various superheroes and villains and the logistical nightmares of pursuing their goals. Plus those delightfully annoying call service operators from Sealab are BACK!!!

    I rate this show mainly for character development, as the 2 chief antagonists actually display quite a lot of bottom end, as we explore Killface's tortured relationship with his son, and Xavier Crews' hedonistic assault on life under the shadow of his murdered industrialist parents and co-dependant relationship with his news reported girlfriend. Recommended viewing but good luck to anyone trying to come in halfway through the season. Track down the first episodes and watch it in sequence for maximum effect - the first 3 episodes alone are mere character introductions.
  • One of the few good shows left on Adult Swim.

    This is the sort of absurdist cartoon that works best on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim block - Sunday evenings. The main character is some kind of.... monster thing, that resembles a skeleton with white flesh who goes by the name KILLFACE. Initially he spends billions to build something called the Annihilatrix - a giant rocket engine whose purpose is to push the Earth into the Sun. Even KILLFACE doesnt seem to know why he is trying to destroy the Earth. He runs out of money and becomes involved with a nutty billionaire named Xander Crews whom he thinks can be used to find the money to finish the Annihilatrix... maybe not, but it doesnt really matter.

    Basically this is full of dead pan humor, absurd jokes, pointless violence, exploding heads and nudity (pixelated of course). If youre looking for a cartoon that makes sense, this is NOT it! LOL! Its entering its second season as the Annihilatrix is fired (by his son who just mumbles alot) it fails after the power coupling melts and pushes the earth 3 feet farther away from the Sun and inadvertantly stops Global Warming - KILLFACE is now running for President of the United States based on that accidental feat... If you liked Sealab 2021, youll probably like this (the woman who did the voice of White Debbie is in this one too)
  • Funny, clever, and great continuity.

    Frisky Dingo is a great show. Ignore the haters of the series when it comes to discussions about it. The writing is snappy and laugh worthy, the characters are all great and oddball, and the plots and overall feel is nothing short of golden. While the show is more or less a photoshop-produced affair in the art department, it's not lazy when it comes to overall effect and humor. It tiptoes through dark and lighthearted jokes, and Frisky has a great way of balancing the two out. Like I said before, Dingo is a great show. You just need to give it a chance.
  • So close to the weekend!

    I would like to make clear that I do not care for Sealab. I don't like superheroes or comic books. I do like a lot of Adult Swim and other animated shows.

    It starts as a tepid spoof on supervillain doomsday plots with villain Killface running into budget constraints and mundane obstacles to destroying the planet. At some point you notice Killface and Xander Crews, his supposed arch nemesis, are chatting in a swamp on an ill-fated duck hunt and you wonder how it got here. The dialogue is so bizarre and hilarious, peppered with running jokes and lines that are as hard to explain as the face-stretching laughter they cause.

    Most impressive is the way the show has episode-to-episode continuity without sacrificing any of the comedy.
  • amazing.

    Frisky Dingo in the first season was about Super Villian Killface and his new accidental enemy Awesome X alter egoed Xander Cruise. Xander Cruise is a snotty and childish playboy who cheats on his girlfriend Grace Ryan with a hooker and blows millions of dollars. Then His boss stan takes over the company and the whole show goes in a weird turn with Killface and Barnaby Jones; Xander Cruises in disquise. Then the second season as of today is about Killface and Xander Cruise running for President against each other.
    That was my summary. Heres my review: This show is way too underrated. I totally hope this show gets a cult following because I would be sad to see this get canceled. Long live Frisky Dingo.
  • A surreal look at the life of Supervillain Killface.

    Sprouting from the brains of the creators of Sealab 2021,
    this 11 minute show outdoes its predecessor in every way.

    But this Adult swim classic doesn't exactly focus on Killface the entire time. Also on the show is super hero Awesome-X
    alias multi-billionaire Xander Crews.

    Crews mission is to get Killface to become is archnemesis.

    but before that can happen there are also bussiness isues first.

    The show puts super heroes and villains in the real world and pulls it of so well, Making it not only smart but also very funny

    so all that remains is the official announcing of a second season and then we might have some even better stories and character develepmont.