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  • A look at the pragmatic reality of being a super hero/villain in post-911 adult swim land.

    I love this show. It took about 3 episodes to get the characters under my belt but now I find myself fiending every week for the next installment. Take the outrageously abstract humour of sealab 2021 and give it a linear storyline, exploring the relationships between various superheroes and villains and the logistical nightmares of pursuing their goals. Plus those delightfully annoying call service operators from Sealab are BACK!!!

    I rate this show mainly for character development, as the 2 chief antagonists actually display quite a lot of bottom end, as we explore Killface's tortured relationship with his son, and Xavier Crews' hedonistic assault on life under the shadow of his murdered industrialist parents and co-dependant relationship with his news reported girlfriend. Recommended viewing but good luck to anyone trying to come in halfway through the season. Track down the first episodes and watch it in sequence for maximum effect - the first 3 episodes alone are mere character introductions.