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  • Fantastic character development in an animated comedy!

    Thank you Adult Swim. I love this show. I felt that AS had been missing something truly special since Sealab 2021 ended, but there’s no need to worry anymore because Frisky Dingo has filled that void wonderfully.

    The humor is that of which nearly anyone can enjoy. It’s spontaneous and relentlessly throws laugh-out-loud jokes at you. If you were even slightly amused at the comedy in Sealab 2021, than you should fit right in to the Frisky Dingo market.

    One of the most unique aspects of the show is its deep character development. The first handful of episodes are essentially introductions to all the main players. The relationship between the characters is slowly intertwined as the season progresses.. and it’s fantastic to watch. Unpredictable is barely a suitable word for the things that happen, shaping each character in to something entirely different, but still a riot to watch.

    The show itself is about a superhero, at heart, and his arch nemesis. You would expect some epic battle between the two, but that’s not what happens. They actually become dependent on each other later in the season. The irony is hilarious and well thought-out.

    I can’t recommend this show enough. Give it a try.