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  • Frisky Dingo is a series that combines the surreal confrontational comedy of sealab with the gripping plot driven styles of 24 and prison break.

    From the first episode, Frisky Dingo effectively gripped me with its escalating plot style. Unlike most plot dependent shows like 24 and prison break, where I find myself feeling cheated by the writers after they inject complete random plot twists with a sense of gravity, Frisky Dingo does it with such a sense of absurdity that I found it humorous instead of humoring. The writers know how to confront the audience's expectation. Hilarity ensues as situations explode to almost unresolvable levels. Take how the naked xander cruise aka bartleby jones meets up with killface, killface loses his sight, xander cruise loses sight, both get locked up with chinese sweat shop workers and end up in a match to the death. The show pulls of its absurd surrealism with with such a quirky humor that I found it irresistible. While Frisky Dingo might not suit everyone, I strongly recommend most adult swim viewers, especially those who liked sealab and aqua teen hunger force, to tune in.