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  • One of the few good shows left on Adult Swim.

    This is the sort of absurdist cartoon that works best on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim block - Sunday evenings. The main character is some kind of.... monster thing, that resembles a skeleton with white flesh who goes by the name KILLFACE. Initially he spends billions to build something called the Annihilatrix - a giant rocket engine whose purpose is to push the Earth into the Sun. Even KILLFACE doesnt seem to know why he is trying to destroy the Earth. He runs out of money and becomes involved with a nutty billionaire named Xander Crews whom he thinks can be used to find the money to finish the Annihilatrix... maybe not, but it doesnt really matter.

    Basically this is full of dead pan humor, absurd jokes, pointless violence, exploding heads and nudity (pixelated of course). If youre looking for a cartoon that makes sense, this is NOT it! LOL! Its entering its second season as the Annihilatrix is fired (by his son who just mumbles alot) it fails after the power coupling melts and pushes the earth 3 feet farther away from the Sun and inadvertantly stops Global Warming - KILLFACE is now running for President of the United States based on that accidental feat... If you liked Sealab 2021, youll probably like this (the woman who did the voice of White Debbie is in this one too)