Frisky Dingo

Season 2 Episode 10

Wendell Goes Undercover Again.

Aired Monday 12:30 AM Mar 08, 2008 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

President Taqu'il, falling from the sky with Vice-President Stan on his back, cannot get the sewn-in parachute to deploy, and then realizes it's the wrong suit as they fall past the Annihilatrix as Simon watches them go right in front of him, seemingly crashing into Killface's car, setting off the alarm. Simon shuts it off with the remote as Killface continues fixing the Annihilatrix. The Deceptacles are gathered around Antagone feeling her pregnant belly for the baby's kicks, which can be very hard. Meanwhile, Xander has some reservations about Wendell, now dressed as a Deceptacle, going up to kill Antagone with a machete, simply because he can't go by himself. Wendell has already thought of that, having rigged a camera and two-way radio inside the helmet, sending a giant image to the wall. Xander dismisses the idea as "straight out of Mission: Impossible", while the doctor proposes an idea inspired by Innerspace--shrinking a submersible containing Xander and injected him into Wendell's brain to control him movements and turn him into an "unstoppable fighting machine." Xander goes with Wendell's idea instead. As one Deceptacle looks at Antagone's vagina while seemingly masturbating and stopping when she says she can feel him coming soon--actually referring to the baby--Watley and Sinn look on with differing reactions: Watley wants to have a baby, while Sinn wants to focus on her career as a supervillain holding the Annihilatrix, needing only the spare coupling...which Killface asks Simon for, only to find out he'd given it to his boyfriend, Bobo T. Baggins. Angrily, Killface and Simon drive away to retrieve it in their undamaged car. As it turns out, Taqu'il and Stan did not crash onto the car, but got caught on a beam, and now are hanging from it by the Haggar jacket--the car alarm was trigged by one of Stan's shoes. Haggar also makes a grappling hook, which Taqu'il uses to send them to the top, but not before Stan kisses him on the cheek "for luck". The argument between Watley and Sinn continues, which she wants to hold off until after she enacts her evil plan to destroy the world; Val comes in, saying it's possible they'll end up gay for each other. Watley is a little in over his head when Sinn orders him to kill Antagone. Killface finds out two rather disturbing things: Simon's boyfriend lives in their building, and Simon lied about being gay to keep Killface from becoming President. Speaking of presidents, Taqu'il, now at the top of the Annihilatrix, watches in shock as the TV broadcasts Mr. Ford being sworn in. Stan advises against exposing the new President because he may be ready for such an occurence, which is proven when Ford tells a Secret Service agent that Taqu'il may have a doppelganger. Killface learns that Bobo had given the coupling to a man named Steve (actually Wendell in a wig), whom he'd met on the Internet using his head on Killface's body (just like Simon had done)--the coupling on a necklace was given in exchange for a blowjob. Bobo doesn't know where "Steve" is, and never got called back. Wendell, calling himself Steve from Machete Squad, is able to pass as a Deceptacle and sets off the intruder alert, distracting all other Deceptacles, who have crowded around Antagone. Watley finds himself unable to kill her because he has fallen in love with her, as has Wendell. Watley wants to team up, Wendell wants to ride, while Xander, watching from his office, can only say "God...damn it."