Frisky Dingo

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 12:30 AM Nov 06, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Killface and his company attempt to win the Xander Crews Inventors Expo competition.

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  • Killface and the gang head to Vegas to win an "Inventors Expo" in order cash in on the $12 Billion prize money so they can finish the Annihilatrix.

    Mao, everyone's favorite dry cleaner gets a lean on Killface's belongings once he realizes that the coupon printed on Killface's post card yielded minimum response. The repo men take away all of Killface's belongings leaving him with nothing but a lousy coffee mug. Xander Crews, meanwhile, in the smartest plan he's ever devised, tricks Killface and the gang into coming to Las Vegas for what they believe is an "Inventor's Expo" but really all Xander wants is for Killface to sign a release so they can use his likeness for the new Awesome-X toy line. What entices Killface is that first prize for this "XPO" is $12 Billion exactly what he needs to complete the Annihilatrix. To make this "XPO" look as real as possible Watley is entered in the competition as well. His invention: Ant Farm Keyboard. Which intimidates Killface and his team. Meanwhile, Grace Ryan after seeing that her "boyfriend" is getting friendly with one of the waitresses in Las Vegas (or as Watley likes to call it "Lost Wages") decides to get even and sleeps with the first teenage waiter she sees. When it's Killface's turn to present, and what a presentation it would have been, Xander wanting to bang the waitress sooner rather than later names Watley the winner and the "XPO" is over. This of course enrages Killface in a rather hilarious way.moreless

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    • Phil: Sir, don't you think it's kind of weird how the prize money for this thing is exactly the amount we need to finish the Annihilatrix?
      Killface: No, I think it's weird that you question me every...time there's a...thing.

    • Waiter: [after having sex with Grace] Wow. Thanks, lady. Wait 'til the guys at school hear about this.
      Grace: Oh my God.
      Waiter: Do you like X-Box?
      Grace: Sweetie, I'm tired.

    • Awesome-X: Do you know this man? [holds up Annihilatrix postcard]
      Mao: Oh this damn guy come in shop he say, "You want be in business Mao?" and I say, "Sure damn guy what that entail?" he say "Pay me money I make postcard with coupon on front" now me out sixty-four large with minimal response.
      Awesome-X: What the hell did he just say?
      Xtacle 1: I don't know. Something about a coupon.

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    • Double Entendre
      Phil: Don't worry about him, sir. "Operation: Bad Habit" is a go.

      In Phil's dialogue, the words "bad habit" not only refer to a negative pattern of behavior, but habit is also the word to describe a religious dress, such as a nun's.