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... Bravo, which is getting stupider and stupider with each passing second, has ordered the reality television series The People's Couch. What makes this series particularly stupid? It's about people watching television. The People's Couch is based on the British format Gogglebox. Don't miss the after show hosted by Chris Hardwick Talking The People's Couch, in which we watch people watching The People's Couch. Season 1 will run for 12 episodes and debut on March. [Variety]


... Homeland mercifully wrapped up its sketchy third season last night (read Cory's review here; read my review here: pretty good!) not just with the reveal that Season 3's Dana storyline was entirely pointless, but also with record ratings! 2.4 million viewers tuned in to watch Carrie be sad, the most ever for Showtime's top series. Masters of Sex drew 1.2 million in its first-season finale. [EW]

... It was much worse news for Survivor, which hit an all-time low for a season finale on Sunday. The 10.2 million who tuned in were only old enough for a 2.5 in the adult demo, down from a 2.7 in the spring. [The Wrap]

... That From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, the first original series from the yet-to-be-launched El Rey network, has added a Friday Night Lights actress to its cast. Adrianne Palicki, who played Tyra in the football drama, has joined the adaptation of the Robert Rodriguez vampire flick. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series doesn't have a premiere date yet, nor will it ever fix that annoying "Till" in the title to "'til" as it should be. [EW]

... truTV has added more episodes to Hardcore Pawn's upcoming eighth season. But the press release doesn't say how many episodes or why, so I will just assume that this was always in the plans and that truTV faked the news to bring more attention to the fact that Hardcore Pawn returns for Season 8 tomorrow, December 17. Haha Hardcore Pawn, you can't trick me into telling readers that Hardcore Pawn's eighth season starts tomorrow on truTV at 9pm! Nice try. [truTV via press trickery]

... Mythbusters is doing a Star Wars-themed episode for its eleventh anniversary on January 4. Among the myths to be busted: how Luke could swing across a gap with Leia in his arms, whether Han stuffing Luke into the belly of a TaunTaun could really work, and what George Lucas was smoking when he thought up Episodes 1-3. [Discovery via press release]

... You've probably been wondering how Community will handle the departure of Donald Glover. Glover's Troy Barnes will only appear in five of 13 episodes in Season 5 (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) but people on the show assure us that it's for a good reason. Apparently Troy will receive a "tantalizing offer" early in the season which will force him to ponder who he is and what's right for him. Maybe he will go super meta and leave Greendale to become a rapper who Instagrams his feelings? [TV Line]

... The Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul will be streaming on Netflix in Europe and Latin America shortly after it airs on AMC in the U.S. There, now all you foreigners can't complain about us ignoring you. USA! USA! USA! [THR]

... NBC's midseason drama Believe is already in a bit of trouble. The series, from producers Alfonso Cuarón and J.J. Abrams, has already lost its showrunner. Dave Erickson is leaving, and will be replaced by director Jonas Pate. The transition will be accompanied by a readjusted production break, with everyone going home for the holidays a week earlier than expected. Five episodes have already been produced, so expect a bit of a tonal shift in the sixth. That's too bad; this is one I was looking forward to. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Actress Linda Cardellini, who you know as Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks, Samantha Taggart on ER, Sylvia Rosen on Mad Men, and Pretty Lady #1 from my daydream fantasies in 1999, will guest-star on Fox's New Girl as sis to the adorkable Jess (Zooey Deschanel) in a nice bit of casting. She'll play Abby, the wilder of the two Day siblings, in multiple episodes beginning sometime in February. Which of the roommates is totally going to bang her? [THR]

... Rosie Perez (Do the Right Thing) will star in the American adaptation of the BBC series Bad Education. ABC's version is called An American Education and will star Bad Education's Jack Whitehall as a teacher who works in the San Diego school system and practices all sorts of unorthodox teaching methods. Perez will play the school's hardass vice principal. [Deadline Hollywood

... Gossip Girl's Kevin Zegers is joining Fox's upcoming Broadchurch remake, Gracepoint. He'll play the role of a young reporter named Owen Burke. [TV Line]

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