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This awesome photo recap is by @klotensen. Due to some funky stuff at this site there were problems posting this recap. I offered to post it and after losing it several times (despite saving it) I was finally able to get this posted. Any errors are completely mine whereas any awesomeness is completely due to @klotensen

Almost at the end of the first season, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series has proven to be a very watchable show, in fact I like it a lot (as a teenager I loved the feverish and trashy movie) and so I thought: "maybe FDTD deserves a review, anything where we can gather and exchange our views and thoughts."

After a little encouragement from fellow user @Vicky8675309 I decided to do a little photo recap and the reason it's coming along that late is my inferior understanding of the necessity to save here and then and yesterday I managed to delete the whole post after I misplaced a screen shot ...

Anyway, back to FDTD: The Series!

What a ride so far - closely following the plot of the movie but simultaneously expanding the universe, joyfully playing with the characters and the interaction with each other - and all that with the typical blend Robert Rodriguez created, the crazy and entertaining mix of low budget hardcore action, over the top drama, wacky characters and lots of humor and MEXICO of course.

Last episode shit was hitting the fan, not only did our group of the Gecko brothers and the preacher's family and the "undercover"(lol) professor Tanner (Jake Busey aka Josh Homme-look-alike) survive the first dish of the vampires but also a coup inside the vampire power structure happened and the "rinche" arrived to set on with his increasingly obsessive vendetta against the brothers.

The preacher's son, Scott, got thrown into a "fodder-shaft" for the vampires, vanishing in the bowels of the ancient temple whereas the Ranger Gonzales was tortured and BITTEN by Santanico's right hand Carlos(Wilmer Valderama is fantastic in this) WITHOUT any imminent effect visible and last but not least RICHIE (Zane Holtz) GOT SHOT by the Ranger and dragged away by Santanico Pendemonium herself. Yuck!

Episode 8 started surprisingly with a bit of Carlos background and it was much appreciated, he and Santanico were in focus in this one, but for me it was him who "owned" the episode.

Nice use of the else dreadful Orange/Teal filters:

Conquistadores!!! Like I said, it looked nice and "new world-ish" and before I could ask myself "Who is with them" I spotted Carlos' face.

Wilmer, aem I mean Carlos was shown as the second in command and for his trusty nature he was rewarded with a sweet sword (though it probably has more sentimental value) and he seemed grateful and eager to serve...

Back in the Titty Twister, Santanico was all over Richie:

Carlos came by and was not so amused:

Damn, Carlos! There's always a catch with those crazy vampire-demon-snake-goddesses! Am I right, dudes? Could have been the Ranger's head she wanted, IDK, it was something he couldn't have hoped to live on without, that's for sure.

Anyway, back to Seth and the Ranger featuring the Fullers (without Scott playing the drums but hey, they got Jake Busey aka Josh Homme, a guitar hero Prof Tanner)

Look at that! Former pastor/priest/spiritual guide Jacob Fuller found his balls after he whined into his bible when freakin' monsters attacked to defend a blood-covered man he never met. LOL, no he's cool, he got around I think - and Seth brought them into this, there is that... And we need stand-offs, Rodriguez LOVES stand-offs, more, more, MORE!!! They democratically decided to kill the Ranger, somehow, because he was bitten, makes sense.

Seriously, if this guy does not look like a guitar god nobody knows I don't know who else does. (???)

Meanwhile, we see that Scott is still alive and well! Super.

Or the other super. The one with two "p"s.

Now they can play Goonies or find Scott and a way out, whatever you prefer.

Cool, Tanner, you're the best! It was of no real consequence but we didn't know that, did we? So I was surprised that Seth didn't throw in Prof Tanner right behind.

The mythic knife is back! YAY? He could easily get free because Seth sucks at looking, he didn't check the pipe the Ranger was bound to.

Meanwhile Richie did not feel shot anymore(he was in pain and then not, I was a little irritated) and had a nice chat with the vampire-demon-snake-goddess that lured him there:

Back to the Ranger, where Carlos finally arrived (what did he do in all this time? Something we'll see later)

But unfortunately for Carlos, the Ranger Gonzales has OLD blood and can't be converted - why they don't suck him dry then is a little mystery to me, maybe he tastes awful?

Don Carlos just shrugged it off, he's too powerful to be trifled with wood and stuff:

LOL @ Wilmer. He's great in this!

Richie was trying something in order to get away from the woman of his dreams because now he realizes what she's up to:

LOL! Richie is the best. He laughed in her face!

The others are still under way in the catacombs and Tanner explained that the snakes from the old belief were also the guardians to the underworld and that it was possible for the most powerful of the old people to travel through time and communicate with aliens Seth's reaction was priceless: "I can do Temple of Doom but Crystal Skull and I'm out" which made me laugh hard. It's funny, isn't it?

After a short run from ancient Mayan/Aztec vamps and Kate kicking Tanner's balls for almost locking out her and her father, they found a safe haven only to encounter that it was not so safe at all:

Frost, known from the movie, appeared and apparently he survived for years(lol) in one of the catacombs' storerooms. Storerooms are awesome. Anyway Frost wanted to get rid of them ASAP because he's Frost and a loner. So he made them play this

I would have preferred Twister, but yeah, they won and can shop for ten minutes in the storeroom - although I was interested to find out what "fire & brimstone" was about.

Santanico was going all in with basically begging Richie to trust her because she really wants his permission to be turned, it's a trust issue or a magical thing.

And then I was like "WHAAAT?" when this guy sneaked up on them:

Ranger Gonzales, let's call him Freddie, trapped Carlos with two other knifes through his wrists (cool) and instead of killing him with his own sword he wanted to know more since he is somehow connected to the Mexican vampire thingee too, being immune to their venom and curse and all... but Carlos tells his own tale first, how he became...

Yeah. Let's RESCUE them from the gold and the land and their gods and mostly of their very lives! "Find their gods and you find the gold" and off he was...

Daenerys Targaryen would be proud of Carlos, cool move. Gold, a beautiful woman and the fountain of youth was a certain NO-BRAINER is what he was saying. Carlos' allegiance shifted radically:

That was really good. Everything looked fine and Wilmer delivered.

At the end of his story Freddie was on his way to find out if decapitation is a possibility to kill Carlos when he was interrupted by:

What? What happened? Ah, yes of course:

And he told his master of Santanico's betrayal and that she's totally into Richie now and that the PS4 is clearly superior to the XBOX one and stuff.

Freddie showed again that he is a survival beast by setting off a trap door falling in to vanish - Carlos thought he was minced - but I have my doubts.

Meanwhile, shopping spree was over and now they had super-awesome weapons, like molotovs, a Katana, a modified shovel, a wood-stick harpoon we know from the movie and other stuff. Frost told them that they may encounter hallucinations of the most heinous sort. At departure, Kate tried to get Frost to come with them but him and the others(lol) were all like "nah, tomorrow 'kay? LOL
Kate should have listened, because soon...

... her mom guilt-bombed her:

The ancient vamps carried Kate away to an altar with the same symbol as on the mystic knife:

Last but not least Richie was loosing it, I mean slipping away into coma and/or death so he finally made up his mind and asked

"To be above fire and water, light and dark, dusk and dawn..."

Alright, FDTD - two more episodes to go, bring it on!

I still have no idea how this is going to continue but after those 8 episodes I'm confident that it's going to be highly entertaining.
That was more exhausting than I thought, I hope you had fun, next time there's gonna be a single gif, I hope that's ok. J/K
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May 13, 2014
Klot? You rock! You know that, right? =D
I didn't say anything yesterday because I'm about to watch the episode tonight, but, but, I saw vampy Conquistadors & my squee factor went through the roof & just had to jump the gun a little & say thanks now!
May 13, 2014
I don't think anyone cares but Wilmer "spanish Conquistador "accent was awful.The rest was Rodriguez' s madness which I loved. I like that every character seems strip out off a comic.
May 11, 2014
Thanks, Vicky! Don't know how you did it and one pic is still missing, but it's here finally, and you even corrected some of my mistakes! Awesome, like a pro editor. I am still unable to post my final cut, but I like what you did and have the outmost respect for your effort.
May 11, 2014
send me what is missing and let me know where it goes

Thanks for doing this awesome photo recap for a kick ass series;-)
May 11, 2014
That is some tedious work - even when you love the show! But rewarding - as long it is promoted inn a reasonable amount of time (cough cough).

I have really good free software for gifs if you guys are interested. Makes creation easier and prettier (hence my 24 Gif Party) -shame-FUL plug
May 11, 2014
Beautiful job guys. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks pretty intriguing. No one has told me whether it is like the movie, because quite frankly, I despise Tarrentino. If it isn't akin to his style, I'll like it.
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