From Dusk Till Dawn

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  • Unholy Pleasure, Wholely Enjoyable

    I am well into season 2, and while I do see SOME plot holes, for the most part, this is an enjoyable ride.

    The TV show does take elements from the Big Screen, of which I enjoyed, but it also takes some liberties of its own. This gives the story line a fresh approach that is appealing. If you are looking for "Plausibility", look elsewhere. Come on, it is a story about Vampires, Secret Societies and a "Bad Boy Duo" that is infamous and uncatchable. That just doesn't happen in real life!

    But, if you are looking for a fun ride, good story telling, some depth in terms of the mythology, and perhaps a carryover from the movie, then this is the show for you!
  • Someone put a stake through its heart

    Im watching via Freeview in the UK so we're only up to episode 6 of series 1 but that's it for me - I'm quitting before I throw my shoe through the TV. Firstly, most TV series of films use the core characters and basic plot premise but develop new storylines - D to D virtually follows the film script and this has several problems. One, we know exactly what's going to happen; eg we knew the teller was going to get it in the motel room. Two, the 2 hour film has been stretched to fill 10 hour episodes; this means no vampire action until the end of the series and each episode is stretched so that the hour covers about 10 minutes of the film. This leads to the second point - it is tediously slow, dull and un-engaging. It has no pace whatsoever and, without the vampires it's supposed to be about, has little tension or action. What tension can there be in the shoot-out at the motel when we know the Geckos escape in the RV? For me, a complete dud I'm afraid.
  • Dusk till dawn rock's

    Very few shows come along that grab your attention like dusk till dawn the series I find myself counting the days until the next episode keep it up El Rey Network
  • No Quentin Tarantino=good; No Selma Hayek=not so good

    I'm only three episodes in, but holy unholiness! The pilot shows how that whole liquor store scenario *should* be done. The supernatural aspects are woven in from the beginning, so it isn't such a jagged splice between the crime drama and the supernatural.

    The Gecko brothers are terrific. (Don't listen to those other reviews-misinformed people living a lie-they deserve your pity, not your scorn). Richie is bat-guano crazy, but he's semi aware that he's seeing things he shouldn't see. Seth is, well, about the same as in the movie-but without the "look at me" star turn.

    Wilmer V. is casually evil, which is always nice to see. Robert Patrick breathes some life into the preacher, and the preacher's kids are more fully realized than their film counterparts.

    Things are still being set up. It's nice to see a series taking its' time to get rolling. So far, no Cheech Marin (meh) and no Selma Hayek (sigh).
  • Double Fail

    Doesn't work as a comedy, doesn't work as a drama. A vampire series with no vampires until the seventh or eighth episode. Quentin Tarantino should file a law suit.
  • Yawn zzzzz

    Hopefully there will not be a season 2.

    Acting: 6/10 (some better than others)

    Story: 5/10 It never gives you that kick that makes you to long for the next episode.

    Sorry, but this is not good enough.

  • almost perfect

    Great acting, great filming, great story - this is a perfect example of how to shoot a great show on all ends. You may not like the whole dusk till dawn theme, but if you do, or you're at least neutral towards it, you should definitely watch this one!! Only reason I do not give it a 10/10, is because I found the two main casts (the brothers) just aren't as good as Clooney and Tarantino, nor are they as great a the support cast. Good, yes, but not perfect. Still, compared to a lot of shows out there, this one is VERY VERY good! Enjoy!
  • Brilliant TV Series Makes Up for the Crappy Movie

    I love the TV series, which fixes the flaws that ruined the movie for me. The movie was really two movies, a gritty crime drama that ends in the middle to be replaced by a joltingly unexpected vampire action picture. It made no sense, and while the first half was terrific, the second half was pretty bad.

    The series, on the other hand, is a cohesive whole. While it's still a show that goes from crime to horror, now these elements are tied together, and the supernatural elements are there from the beginning, getting stronger and stronger, so there's no point where you feel you've had one series replaced by another.

    The series has the same gritty, manic quality as the first half of the movie, and while the supernatural stuff is still pretty cheesy, it works quite well and offers a good deal of excitement.

    One of the best things Robert Rodriquez has ever done.
  • This show is great!

    I thought I would check out this show, as I was a fan of the movie back in the day. it is totally awesome! I don't usually like shows with too much action, but they do it so well. It is shot in a very interesting way (kind of like Hemlock Grove, another great show). If you are looking for a serious hour of television, this probably wouldn't be for you. It is fun, with just the right amount of gore, and it has a unique story line like nothing I have ever seen before. Also, Zane Holtz steals the show as Richie. Loving it! Looking forward to season 2..
  • mmmm Yeah

    good series, if only better actors were picked for the gecko brothers... but i'll be happy to get fanged in if this series continue..
  • Seen it all before

    Not a reference to the film or the clich of it starting off with the grizzled older cop talking about his family and how he only has a few days left before he retires. then (spoiler alert) he gets shot.

    My gripe is it then goes flashback to him getting out of bed that morning. 20 minutes leading to him getting shot the flashback to his friends morning. Gee I wonder how that will work out

    Episode 2 also keeps jumping back even further in time.

    After that I gave up. The sad thing is I wanted to like it.
  • Decent Show

    I think its a good show but who knows in this day and time with so many awful ones out there the bar is kind of lowered so maybe so have our expectations. I think what is going to make or break this show is where it goes after we get to the point at which the movie ended.

    That seems to be the hard part is watching through the movie again except this time drawn out to over 8 hours. I know this is to give extra back story and help support the future episodes so I will bear with it a while.
  • Finally...

    A show that's not Dawson's Creek with vampires! That's why so many people are criticizing, for those I strongly recommend Vampire Diaries.
  • I'm in LOVE.

    I haven't been this excited about a show since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hemlock Grove ect... If you like those two shows I would recommend you give From Dusk Till Dawn a try :)
  • AHHHH .... my head hurts

    Watching this was like torture. Had to stop half way through the pilot as i was about to pull out my teeth... This crap is somewhere between really bad B-shows and a noir-movie. Really not for me. But if you are a movie buff who thinks the more weird the better (like Twinpeaks all over the place) you might get a kick out of it !
  • Booze, Blood & a Batty Brother

    When you watch this show, it's important to understand going in what kind of a show it's trying to be.

    It's an upfront, cheesy, Drive-In B-Movie style snowball that only just started rollin'

    If you're looking for something other than that, look somewhere else.

    Personally, I happen to like the kind of off-yellow nacho cheese you get from the concession stand that comes out of the pump with the slightly orange crust on the nozzle next to the bin of canned & soggy jalapenos under the sneeze guard.

    Good times. Good start. Go Team Geko!
  • The Movie stinks, the series is worst

    The Movie stinks, the series is worst