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  • This is a show about a group of young, unpolished and disadvantaged men battling it out to become the first member of the G's to Gents Gentlemen's Club with the Grand Prize of $100,000.

    This was one of the best reality shows ever made! Fonzworth Bentley (ex-assistant to P. Diddy), hosted this brilliantly produced (Jamie Foxx) show. It addressed a lot of the issues that I believe are the underlying reasons for the cycle of violence and poverty that plague our communities; Lack of manners and respect for ones self and others; Style; Knowledge of business etiquette; Self pride; Focus on the family; Honor and honesty; Managing finances, etc.

    I won't tell who won, just in case you get a chance to catch up on the show, but the best person did win. I wish this show could go on another 20 years, giving young men a chance to clean up their act and being given the tools and guidence this time around, to live life differently. Aside from all of that humanitarian mumbo jumbo, it was very entertaining and worth watching.
  • A group of Gangsters all competeting for 100k and the knowledge of how to be a gentleman. This show is very educational, and quite humorous at times. Because they can get kicked out during every episode, it leaves you at the edge of your seat.

    The humor, the Suspension all add to the value of this show. If a gangster isnt progressing, or messed up horribly, they may be kicked out during the "Black Ball Ceremony." There is often challanges that require some sort of gentlemen like behavior. Such as good sportsman ship, or the ability.

    All in all you get to learn a lot of things your self, to improve you as well. And during each episode there is a little tip between the commerical breaks which keep it more educational, and makes you not want to leave the TV.

    Suspension plays a big role, as many people choose their favorite G's, and watch them do or die. (Mine are Kesan, T-Jones, and Creepa) The Humor within fights aswell as their ignorance and attempts to show off which miserably fail, add the final staw of the the show.

    All in all we gather as a family to watch this show, I think its perfect, 10/10
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