From the Earth to the Moon

Season 1 Episode 1

Can We Do This?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 1998 on HBO

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  • An excellent start that sucks you right in to the series.

    “Can We Do It” is an excellent start to the series. It covers the early part of the space program and American reaction to the early Soviet successes. I like the way they interweave news footage, rather than try to recreate well known speeches. Rather than have an actor play President Kennedy, they show the featured characters listening to his speech on the radio.

    An enjoyable scene follows Jim Lovell meeting the other new Apollo astronauts for the first time. Men who’s names have gone down in history meeting for the first time, and they really sell the sense of wonder and anticipation. The characters anticipation fuels the viewers’ anticipation. This episode is an excellent setup, really priming you for the events to come.