From the Earth to the Moon

Season 1 Episode 9

For Miles And Miles

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 1998 on HBO
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For Miles And Miles
Even by 1963, Alan Shepard is still riding high after making American history in 1961. He is due to return to space as part of the Gemini program, but a case of Ménière's disease prevented that chance and grounded him. Having a cushy administrative job instead just isn't the same. By 1968, however, a new type of surgery fixes his condition and the flight surgeons give him a clean bill of health. Shepard wants to be an astronaut again, and he manages to make it into the Apollo program – assigned to a crew with Stuart Rossa and Edgar Mitchell. Problem is, he has a lot of learning and training to catch up on. In order to walk on the moon for Apollo 14, Shepard must work and train hard – possibly harder than any other astronaut.moreless

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    Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak

    Astronaut Edward White II

    Dan Butler

    Dan Butler

    Flight Director Eugene Kranz

    Timothy Daly

    Timothy Daly

    Astronaut James Lovell

    Paul McCrane

    Paul McCrane

    Astronaut Pete Conrad

    Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston

    Astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

    George Newbern

    George Newbern

    Astronaut Stu Roosa

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      • Deke Slayton: Of course, they're not gonna let you and I fly together.
        Alan Shepard: Nope.
        Deke Slayton: I asked 'em.
        Alan Shepard: I know. You heard what they said, right?
        Deke Slayton: Yeah. Two half-pilots don't make a whole one.

      • Alan Shepard: (after hitting a golf ball on the moon) There it goes! Straight as a dive. Miles and miles and miles!

      • Alan Shepard: (looking around at the lunar surface) It's been a long way, but we're here.

      • Alan Shepard: (on being bumped from Apollo 13) They're just being cautious. How would it look if they gave it to me, and something went wrong?

      • Nurse #1: You don't have any Idea who that is, do you?
        Nurse #2: Victor Poulos, according to his bracelet.
        Nurse #1: That is America's first astronaut.
        Nurse #2: (Takes a second look at Alan Shepard) Right. (laughs) I think I'd recognize John Glenn.

      • (when Shepard gets to the podium to speak, a table full of high ranking officers stand up to leave)
        Alan Shepard: (laughing) Come on back. There's still liquor left. I've never known the brass to walk away from free liquor. (they return to their seats)

      • Deke Slayton: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Deke Slayton, the only astronaut who'd been is space for less time than Alan Shepard.

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