From the Earth to the Moon

Season 1 Episode 10

Galileo Was Right

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 03, 1998 on HBO



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    • Dave Scott: Professor, I hope some day we can get you up here too.
      Lee Silver: That would be (emotional pause) and amazing adventure. But I feel as if I've already been there, thanks to you.
      Dave Scott: Oh, you were with us, Professor. Every step of the way.

    • Dave Scott: (looking at lunar surface sample #15415) Since I was five years old, all I ever wanted to be was a pilot. And flying to the moon seemed the ultimate adventure. Understand?
      Lee Silver: I think I do.
      Dave Scott: Nothing seemed more important. But finding this little fellow… Will probably be the most satisfying thing I'll ever do.

    • Farouk El-Baz: (to Al Worden) You're ready. You know the moon as well as you know your own planet. (proudly) You've become as crazy as me!

    • Joe: As the space poet Rhesling would say, "We're ready for you to come back again to the homes of men on the cool, green hills of Earth."

    • Dave Scott: In my left hand I have a feather, and in my right hand, a hammer. I guess one of the reasons we got here to day was because of a gentleman named Gallileo a long time ago, who made a rather significant discovery about falling objects and gravity fields ... I'll drop the two of them here, and hopefully, they'll hit the ground at the same time. (drops feather and hammer, which reach the ground simultaneously) How 'bout that? That proves that Mr. Galileo was correct in his findings.

    • Al Worden: (looking at El-Baz's map of the lunar surface) Mostly just a bunch of bumps, squiggles and circles to me.
      Farouk El-Baz: You will learn.

    • Dave Scott: (trying to free a core drill from the rock) Let's put some muscle into it.
      Jim Irwin: Yeah, Houston, I hope that freeze-dried spinach we had for breakfast pays off.

    • Lee Silver: We don't know what we'll find on the lunar surface.
      Jim Irwin: Pete Conrad's car keys?

    • Lee Silver: You have to tell us what you're seeing. Not just what rocks you plan to pick up, but their context. That's what makes you different than those little robots that some jaded soul thinks should have your job.

    • Lee Silver: Context. The difference between roadkill and a meal.

    • Farouk El-Baz: Lieutenant Colonel! Mr. Alfred Worden. (shakes hands) Farouk El-Baz. I've been expecting you. Have you ever seen the inside of a human brain?
      Al Worden: (shakes head "no")
      Farouk El-Baz: (cheerfully) I'll show you mine. Come. (walks off with Worden following) By the time you reach the lunar orbit, your brain should look much the same as mine.

    • Dave Scott: I believe there is something to be said for exploring beautiful places. It's good for the spirit.

    • Dave Scott: I always say, "There's nothing like a little science on the moon."

    • Lee Silver: I suspect there's more to come from Dave Scott. In the meantime "brought back original crust of the moon" should weigh pretty impressively in your resume.

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    • The Apollo 15 Lunar Module was called "Falcon" which is the US Air Force Academy's mascot, because both Scott and Irwin were Air Force officers.

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