Frontline (Australia)

ABC1 (ended 1997)


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  • Aussie satire on prime-time current affairs shows. Produced by former D-Generation and Late Show members, this creative team later produced The Panel and Thank God You're Here.

    The timing and execution of this series were done to perfection, making Australian viewers slightly more aware of the cynical goings on of commercial television current affairs programs and ultimately contributing to the pressure placed on channels 7 to axe Stan Grant and Real Life, and perhaps one of the reasons for Ray Martin's break from Prime-time. Cleverly shot in a documentary style, the writing was sharp and the performances were all-round brilliant, particularly Allison Whyte and Rob Sitch who won a Logie for most outstanding actor. One negative is that It could be argued that this program was derivative of Spinal Tap, Newsroom, Larry Sanders and Drop the Dead Donkey, however these are not references known to most Australian viewers and in all fairness the show still stands out as superb despite the occasional coincidental similarity. Funny, intelligent, influential and provocative this slick half hour television program is one of the best to have been produced in this country.