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The Insurgency

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    I enjoyed this installment because it truly helped me begin to understand the overlapping ideologies invovled in Iraq. Maybe ideologies isn't the most accurate word; maybe faction is closer, though both are applicable.

    Mr. Ware has my utmost respect, especially as I, at one point, wanted to be a reporter. He and the unnamed other journalists- on both sides- are brave souls.

    Was I the only one who wanted to put the three known faction leaders in a room and make them listen to each other? As much as I think I started to understand, I felt frustration as the episode unspooled! I want to help the situation, but feel helpless in that I'm not sure how I could.

    If you missed this episode, keep an eye out for a rebroadcast! It's great and worth the time. It's also available on VHS/dvd and in transcript form!
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