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The Sex Slave Trade

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    I was horrified at how easily traffickers were able to operate in this day and time. Yes, even in Russia!

    I got so angry at the situation, cheesed at Katia's initial trafficker, and very scared for Katia's husband. That the crew and producer eventually had to be included into the action as they were was insane, to a degree. It made me sob outloud.

    Did anyone else catch this? ABC ran a 30 minute 'kidnapped-into-the-sex-trade' the Thursday of that week and only focused on two teen American girls. that left me sad for the two young women who experienced that nightmare, but nothing of substance was addressed around those cases!

    In the U.S. there is supposed to be laws against kidnapping persons and taking them across state lines (which happened to one young woman.) Last I understood, that situation was covered by The Mann Act. The women in Frontline's documentary had no such luxury!

    I'll have to return after I settle down. It's been almost a month and it still affects me,just thinking about what this documentary showed me!
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