Tuesday 9:00 PM on PBS Premiered Jan 17, 1983 In Season





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  • The short-form documentary (with some brilliant long-form exceptions)lives, it's just that barely anyone knows.

    This is a great home for documentaries that aren't American Experience-y or (presumably) "cool" enough for theaters.

    Frontline has wormed it's addictive way into my life over the last half a year or so with the relatively blunt reporting on Iraq, the sex slave trade, one drug epidemic, and an aching biography.

    In my opinion, a good documentary has an opinion, but it shows all the colors, or as many as time allows, about your subject. That way the subject is not dumbed down nor are the audience members spoon-fed what they should think. A great documentary film should spark thoughtful discussion.

    This undervalued outlet for unflinching looks at consumerism, medical ethics, foreign policy and it's ripple effects at home, crime, politics, and various persons who've impacted our society show us what has come before and yet give us more to research and learn about and work towards understanding better. Maybe even solve, if a problem is scrutinized.

    A great show with amazing history; I highly recommend this show. Age approriateness depends on the tween to teen you watch this with.