Frontline - Season 2011

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Episode Guide

  • A Perfect Terrorist
    Episode 11.23.11
    FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate the mysterious circumstances behind David Headley's rise from heroin dealer and U.S. government informant to plotter of the 2008 attack on Mumbai.
  • The Regime
    The Regime
    Episode 11.08.11
    How Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad has managed to hold onto power for so long
  • Syria Undercover
    Episode 11.09.11
    Magazine airing November 8, 2011: "Syria Undercover" and "The Regime."
  • Lost In Detention
    Episode 10.18.11
    More than one million immigrants have been deported since President Obama took office. Under his administration, deportations and detentions have reached record levels. The get-tough policy has brought complaints of abuse and harsh treatment, including charges that families have been unfairly separated after being caught in the nationwide dragnet. The administration has promised to make the detention system more humane, and more selectively target the most serious criminals. But it faces Republican critics who urge stricter measures -- and a growing backlash among Latino voters, a key 2012 electoral force. In a co-production with the Investigative Reporting Workshop, correspondent Maria Hinojosa investigates Obama's enforcement strategies and journeys into the secretive world of immigrant detention, with a penetrating look at who is being detained and what is happening to these detainees.moreless
  • The Anthrax Files
    Episode 10.11.11
    FRONTLINE, ProPublica and McClatchy Newspapers team up for a hard look at the FBI's investigation of the country's most notorious act of bioterrorism.
  • The Man Behind the Mosque
    Episode 09.27.11
    The inside story of America's most controversial building.
  • The Interrogator
    Episode 09.13.11
    Former FBI agent Ali Soufan says critical CIA intelligence about Al Qaeda was not communicated to the FBI. If that information had been shared, Soufan says, "The world would be very different today."
  • Top Secret America
    Episode 09.06.11
    FRONTLINE and Dana Priest ask how a decade of fighting terrorism has reshaped the country and whether it has made us any safer.
  • The Pot Republic
    Episode 07.27.11
    FRONTLINE's primetime monthly newsmagazine returns with three new stories, leading with a timely report from the frontlines of marijuana legalization in California. The bulk of the marijuana consumed in the United States used to come across the border from Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere. Now, more than half of it is believed to be home grown in California, where an enormous black market has emerged under the cover of the state's medical marijuana law. With more than a third of all states now experimenting with some form of legalization and decriminalization-and several California counties attempting to openly regulate pot production-FRONTLINE and The Center for Investigative Reporting team up to investigate the country's oldest, largest, and most wide-open marijuana market. Is the federal government now moving to shut it down? Also this hour: New Yorker writer and surgeon Atul Gawande reports on a doctor in Camden, New Jersey, who actually seeks out the community's sickest-and most expensive-patients. Dr. Jeffrey Brenner and his team are pioneering a practice called "hotspotting," in which medical care is focused on the hardest-to-treat to improve their health and dramatically reduce costs.moreless
  • The Child Cases
    Episode 06.28.11
    What happens when a child dies under suspicious circumstances? Abuse is often suspected, but are forensic pathologists being properly trained to find out the cause of death?
  • WikiSecrets
    Episode 05.24.11
    FRONTLINE reveals the inside story of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and the biggest intelligence breach in U.S. history.
  • Kill/Capture
    Episode 05.10.11
    This episode of Frontline goes inside the American military's secret campaign to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.
  • Fighting for Bin Laden
    Episode 10.26.11
    Inside two fronts of the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban
  • The Silence
    Episode 04.19.11
    In this episode of Frontline the show investigates reports of children abused for decades by members of the Catholic clergy in isolated native villages in Alaska.
  • Money and March Madness
    Episode 03.29.11
    This episode of Frontline's main story is called Money and March Madness. It is a look inside the multi billion dollar business that is the NCAA and its amateur college sports brands. Correspondent Lowell Bergman investigates, gaining access to Sonny Vaccaro who is a former marketing executive at Adidas, Reebok and Nike. Sonny is greatly responsible for the super fast commercialization of college basketball within recent years. Now Sonny is out of the business world and is organizing a class action lawsuit aimed at getting some of the money to the actual sports players, as opposed to having it all go to the coaches and companies.moreless
  • Revolution in Cairo
    Episode 02.22.11
    Inside the youth movement that ignited the uprising, and a hard look at the Muslim Brotherhood, a key player in Egypt's future.
  • Are We Safer?
    Episode 02.01.11
    Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest investigates the terrorism-industrial complex that grew up in the wake of 9/11.
  • Post Mortem
    Episode 01.31.11
    A dysfunctional system in which there are few standards, little oversight, and the mistakes are literally buried.
  • Battle for Haiti
    Episode 01.11.11
    One year after the earthquake, FRONTLINE examines the uphill fight to rebuild Haiti in the face of gang violence and corruption.
  • Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
    For many Americans, the most difficult questions about 9/11 were not about politics, military strategy or homeland security. They were questions about God, about evil and about the potential for darkness within religion itself. What was it we saw on Sept. 11? Was it the true face of evil? Was it the face of religion? And where, if one is a believer, was God on that tragic morning?moreless