Frontline - Season 24

Tuesday 9:00 PM on PBS Premiered Jan 17, 1983 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Dark Side
    The Dark Side
    Episode 15
    Frontline analyses the moments and decisions which led ultimately to the war in Iraq. Set on September 11, 2001 we follow the actions of Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and CIA Director George Tenet. Despite the chaotic situation Cheney, Rumsfeld and Tenet made early plans for a new war on terrorism and an attack on Iraq which should lead to a chance to rebuild the Middle East and broaden the American power.moreless
  • The Age of AIDS (Part 2)
    In the conclusion, Dr. David Ho and his development of an AIDS drug “cocktail,” and his belief (with five million new cases each year) that neither he nor his children will live to see the end of AIDS. Plus, the efforts that Rev. Franklin Graham and his father Billy, have made to combat the disease. Bono tells how he convinced Sen. Jesse Helms to change his views on AIDS. Finally, how the disease has impacted South Africa, Uganda, Brazil, China and Russia.moreless
  • 5/30/06
    Frontline tells the story of the world largest pandemic on its 25th anniversary. Despite significant scientific breakthroughs and slowly growing awarness in politics and society, AIDS is still spreading rapidly throughout the world. Interviews with AIDS researchers, world leaders, activists and patients analyse the science, politics and human cost of this disease.moreless
  • 5/16/06
    Frontline investigates different retirement strategies for the baby boomer generation who will have a longer life expectation but a lower income.
  • The Tank Man
    The Tank Man
    Episode 11
    Frontline investigates the history of the "Tank Man" who protested in front of an army of tanks on June 05, 1989 followed in the wake of the demonstrations from Tiananmen Square in Beijing. His pictures travelled around the world and became an icon of the fight for freedom. Along the way Frontline reveals China's brutal policy of embracing capitalism which brought a social conflict between the higher and lower class to life and furthermore China's strict political and social controls.moreless
  • The Insurgency
    Episode 10
    Time Baghdad bureau chief, Michael Ware, is our main guide to understanding how the insurgency started, grew, morphed, and split into differing factions.
  • The Meth Epidemic
    Episode 9
    An insightful installment, made with The Oregonian, that tracks the roots of the drug's rise into the near nationwide epidemic it has become.
  • Sex Slaves
    Sex Slaves
    Episode 8
    In an installment that alternates between heartbreaking, horrifying, and rage-inducing, Frontline follows white-slavery from Russia to Turkey and one man's desperate hunt for his pregnant wife.
  • Country Boys, Part 3
    In the third or three installments, we follow Chris and Cody through their senior years at the David School and as they figure out what their next step is.
  • Country Boys, Part 2
    We continue to see how Cody and Chris grow and deal with life in their junior year of high school, in this second of three episodes.
  • Country Boys (Part 1)
    Following the story of Cody Perkins and Chris Johnson, two boys growing up in Eastern Kentucky's Appalachian Hills. These two classmates at an alternative High School through their journey of struggling with poverty and finding something meaningful in their lives.