Frost over America

BBC (ended 1970)


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Frost over America

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Frost over America is a talk show series on BBC One, a television network in the United Kindom. This series consists of six one-hour episodes that originally aired from July 1, 1970 to August 12, 1970. The host is David Frost, a renowned British journalist and television interviewer. The episodes consist almost entirely of interviews with the guests, in which they talk about their careers and personal lives. Frosts conducts serious, in-depth interviews with top celebrities and rarely interviews more than two guests in each episode. The first episode features Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards, who married in 1969. Andrews is still one of the top film stars in the world at the time of this interview. Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong are the guests in the next episode. These men are close personal friends and professional collaborators. Additional guest in this series include John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson and Liza Minelli. The director of the series is John Howard.