Frosty Returns

CBS (ended 1992)


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  • A terrible take on a classic story.

    I sat down with my son to watch this and taped it while watching. It was so terrible that the plan is to tape over it and pretend that I never saw it. The animation is just bad and the story even worse. The narration is by someone that I barely recognize, and that person doesn't carry over the way all the classic holiday special narrators have. This was a complete waste of time, and I hope that others will read this before they bother to watch and possibly record. John Goodman is the voice of Frosty, but the voice just doesn't match the character. Too bad, I was really hoping it held up to the original!
  • This was just plain bad. After thoroughly enjoying watching Frosty the Snowman with my four year old daughter, I was shocked at how utterly bad this was.

    The Good:
    -- Hard to find any

    The Bad:
    -- Characters talking about Winter Festival and Fertility holidays. I have friends from different religions but this takes a Christmas theme (from the original) and tries to reinvent it in a way I am sure Pagans themselves would find poor.
    -- Truly unsingable songs.
    -- The folks who drew this look like the folks the Charlie Brown artists rejected
    -- Preachy in the worst possible way.

    My wife blessedly started reading to my daughter so her attention turned away but I have no idea what network would look at this plan and think, "Ah, that's a great idea for a children's holiday show."

    Frosty got hijacked. Sorry that such a classic turned into such schlock.
  • Garbage made with yellow snow...

    John Goodman cannot sing. Not on pitch and not on key. Not that they gave him a song you would ever, ever want to hear again anyway.

    So, environmentalism is what Frosty is all about now? I would have called it horribly preachy except that it was too confused to manage being preachy.

    Lee Melendez should be ashamed. I hoped for something akin to the best of the Peanuts specials from him, instead I got this garbage. And CHARLES?!? Charles is a character who happens to be drawn exactly in the style of a Peanuts character and voiced by a Peanuts voice actor. It would have been bad enough if they had ripped off the animation style of the Peanuts series but instead that was only one of a dozen different styles they ripped off, often all in the same scene. Watch the scale of Frosty to the girl he hangs around with. Apparently Frosty's hight fluctuates a lot due to his composition.

    Oh, I see. Frosty can take off his hat now? And still be animated even when he doesn't even have that hat! Come on! This isn't Star Trek, they don't have a canon of a thousand different stories to keep straight here, Frosty is animated by the hat and he says "Happy Birthday" every time he reboots. That's it!!!! And you can't even do that?

    Lumps of coal for all participants in this travesty. I can only hope this one goes in the vault and never comes back out.