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Fruits Basket

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Tohru Honda is a cheerful 16 year old girl. She was taken in by her grandpa when her mother was killed in a car accident. Not wanting to burden anyone, she gets her tent and begins to live in a forest. She is determined to finish school in order to fulfill her mother's last wish. But, it turns out that the land Tohru is living on belongs to the Sohma family. She is quickly invited to live in the Sohma house (all males), as long as she is willing to cook and clean. One of the Sohma's, Yuki, is the most popular boy at Tohru's high school. He is swooned by girls constantly and is even referred to as the "prince" of the school. His cousins Shigure and is shortly introduced to Kyo by him jumping through the window and starting to fight Yuki that makes up the rest of the household. Tohru knows that her living environment is out of the normal, but things turn out to get stranger. The members of the Sohma family are possessed by animals and they turn into their animal form when they are hugged by the opposite sex! You can imagine Tohru's surprise when she witnesses their secret. She promises not to tell a soul, but the "cat" may already be out of the bag. This series will focus on the "uncut" and "re-versioned" dub by Funimation, the same folks who dubbed Dragonball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist. Airdates shown are from the Japanese version. If you know of Fruits Basket airings nationally in the US, and on what cable channels, please post in the forums so that everyone can enjoy! Contributing to the guide: We welcome contributions as long as they are original writing (not copied from yours or others fansites, or the official websites). If you are planning on submitting a lot of material, please PM the editor. About quotes. All quotes are from the Funimation English dub. Those that have a more interesting translation from the Japanese will be preceded with "English sub".moreless

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Fan Reviews (132)

  • Doesn't have the new look.

    This is a very interesting show and even though this was from 2001 its still very popular, but the graphics aren't all that you know.
  • The Only Dam Breaker I've Found

    Whenever I find myself stressed out and yet unable to cry it out, I pull out Fruits Basket, and if no other episodes can make me cry, the final three leave me sobbing my eyes out. It has been a god-send which has lowered my blood pressure significantly.

    Do not misconstrue however, I cry because the sentiment is so sincere - so much how life should be and how it is simultaneously - and the beauty of how they portray the human conditions through semi-episodic metaphors.

    This isn't a girl's anime as it may seem, nor is it for children. It's something that everyone can relate to and will feel endeared towards. Brilliance!moreless
  • Superb Characters

    This anime won my heart over completely in its one season. The characters are developed superbly and the plot is just perfect. This is what an anime should strive to exemplify - I do feel like my empathy as a person grew just by watching this show. Highly recommended!
  • Season 2?

    Does anybody know if there is going to be a season 2 for Fruits Basket?
  • Good, but not as good as the manga

    Fruits Basket still remains one of my all time favorite mangas. The characters were fun, the story was interesting, and the artwork was unique. Then we get to the anime. I'll start off with the technical aspects. The animation is decent--you don't need too much money to make a series based mainly on comedy--and the sub is good. Despite some mispronunciations like Ka-GOO-ra, the voice acting was good.) I especially love Tohru's actress--Laura Bailey--and the fact that they actually got Christopher freakin' Sabat! Now lets get to the anime's greatest flaw, the ending. From this point on there will be spoilers, so if you haven't read the manga, I'd recommend you stop reading this review right now. In volume seventeen of the manga, it's revealed that Akito is, in fact, female--earlier in the series we learn that she's also God. In the anime, Akito is supposed to be dying. I HATE what they did here. For starters, if Akito was a man from the very beginning, it would be hard to do the Myth arc, if the creators ever make another series(which they aren't, but just an afterthought.) Second of all, this is supposed to be based off the myth of the Zodiac, which is said by Tohru's mother in a flashback to be controlled by God. So if Akito isn't God and is only sickly, then who is the God supposed to be. Despite all the problems the creators of the anime would face if they decided to continue, Fruits Basket is a great anime on its own, and should rank up there with shoujo classics like Sailor Moon and Ouran Host Club(even though OHSHC came out after Furuba.)moreless

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