Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 13

A New School Term Starts!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2001 on
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Tohru's second year at high school begins, and Yuki is helping out with orientation. It turns out some of the younger Sohmas are entering the same high school. Hatsuharu gets in a conflict with the class president, but a deeper situation occurs when one of the Sohmas unexpectedly shows up and confronts Tohru!moreless

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  • torhu meets akito

    wow what a great episode! it was great seeing haru and momiji again! i liked the begining when thoes guys were talking about torhu and kyo scared them away. so funny! i loved seeing black haru again he is just to funny!! torhu is alittle slow though, with the whole asking how he proved he had white hair thing. it was funny when haru said to picture yuki in a girls uniform!! but momiji did look cute!! ahh she met akito...freaky. and we see some stuff between him and yuki...poor poor yuki, akito is wack! then he called torhu ugly!?!? he must be blind!!! i hope torhu helps yuki some more just so she could shove it in akitos face!!! and, you know, cuz its the right thing to do.moreless
  • The new school year starts and Tohru wants to find Haru and Momiji at school.

    This episode is enough to make anyone laugh. It's Black Haru's finest moment. When he freaks out to the student council president, Motoko Takei, I couldn't stop my hysterical laughter. All in support of Momiji's girl uniform, which is amusing as well. When Momiji came running up to Tohru in the girl's school uniform, I couldn't quit laughing either. This whole episode was hilarious. It was more on the edge of a classic Fruits Basket episode, unlike some of the others, but it was amazing all the same. Anything that's Fruits Basket is the best thing I may ever see!

    I also thought it was really nice what Tohru did for Yuki, no matter how small it might have been. Akito was being a jerk, as usual, and Tohru noticed Yuki was scared. I thought that was really sweet. Because if I were her and I were put in the same situation, not knowing exactly what's going on, I may not be able to do that. I'd like to think that, but in fact, most of everyone's weakness would take over. Tohru really shows how special of a person she is just by pushing Akito.moreless
Aaron Dismuke

Aaron Dismuke

Young Akito

Guest Star

Kate Bristol

Kate Bristol

Young Yuki

Guest Star

Amber Cotton

Amber Cotton

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Justin Cook

Justin Cook

Hatsuharu Sohma

Recurring Role

Chad Cline

Chad Cline

Akito Sohma

Recurring Role

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    • Hatsuharu: (walks up to the student council president) Now I've got some common sense for you. If I wore a tie, it wouldn't change who I am. If I had no piercings it wouldn't mean that I'm nice. And if my hair was black it wouldn't stop me from kicking your ass!! Who do you think you are? Do you think you're God huh?
      Tohru, Kyo, Yuki: (thinking) Black Haru...

    • Hana: That reminds me. I thought I sensed Shigure's electric signals coming from the parents section.
      Tohru: Oh, uh-huh. He came today. In fact there are two more Sohmas enrolling with the other first years. He came to see them.

    • Hatsuharu: Shut up! Stop acting like you're king of the friggin' world! You're making my ears bleed, you bastard!

    • Shigure: Yes, well, Hatsuharu and Momiji, they're like younger brothers to me. So, naturally, I will have to attend the entrance ceremony. It's only right that I should be there to support them on such an important day.
      (Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru give Shigure a skeptical look.)
      Shigure: Okay, why are you all staring at me like that? I hope you're not thinking I only want to go to look at the pretty high school girls. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh my word, you youngsters of little faith.

    • Black Haru: You stubborn idiot! What would you do if it was Yuki wearing the girls uniform, huh?
      (An image of Yuki wearing in a girl's uniform appears in Takei's fantasy.)
      Yuki: Haru, cut it out or I'll cut you off!
      Black Haru: Oh, have my words made you angry?
      Takei: It's beautiful!
      Yuki: Stop imagining me!

    • (Student body president Takei continues his speech how he's to enforce the school code.)
      Haru, Yuki, and Kyo (in unison): What a complete idiot.

    • Shigure: Despite what he(Akito) said, Tohru is very cute in a sweet way.
      Hatori: For some reason, when you say that, it reeks of something illegal.

    • Momiji: I'm not supposed to goof around too much when I'm here, 'cause if i do, it'd be too easy for me to crash into girls. So I'm gonna play it "cool at school".
      Kyo: How the hell can you call wearing a dress "cool"??

    • Kyo: See what happens when you stand there like a space cadet?
      Tohru: Oh. Uh, was I?
      Kyo: At least stay alert when you're by yourself or else it's gonna be your own damn fault when someone kidnaps you.
      Tohru: You're right.
      (Tohru quickly stands firm, looking serious.)
      Kyo: I said when you're alone.
      Tohru (still looking serious): Right!
      Kyo: It's alright when you're with me. You can space out as much as you want.
      Tohru: Right!
      (Tohru immediately spaces out again.)
      Kyo: And I didn't mean anything funny by that either. Um.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Anime/Manga difference in Yuki's flashback scene:
      Manga: Yuki was just trapped in the room.
      Anime: Akito was actually there and he carries a whip.

    • This is one of the few times we see just how big an effect Akito had on Yuki when he was younger. The show and the manga imply a very bad relationship between the two, with Akito being abusive to Yuki.

    • Japanese Writers/Directors not added to cast list:
      Storyboard: BOB Shirahata
      Director: Shinpei Mirashita
      Animation Director: Akemi Hayashi