Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 7

A Plum on the Back

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2001 on

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  • aww a rabbit!

    hahaha that boy was so cute! i liked how lovable he was! and that he was there with torhu when she was talking to that memory erase guy, i felt so releaved! any whoo poor kyo and yuki both being jelous of each other, i just feel so bad for both of them and poor yuki haveing to wear a dress, making him look even more like a girl and with his girlish vocie... it was so sad and he even knows he looks like a girl, he must feel horible! it was cute how torhu called him cute, i think guys should take cute as a complimant too. cuz beig called pretty is way worse and cute is just one step below hot. but yea i was alittle freaked out, i mean he totally came on to torhu! which was sweet i guess, but i dont really like it, but it is sweet i just like her with kyo i guess, i just hated how they let and you didnt know what happened.
  • Momiji-kun! And Yuki in a dress.

    I love Momiji! He's so hyper and he's the rabbit of the Zodiac. He makes his debut appearance in this episode. Unfortunately, some girls get the idea to put Yuki in a dress. My brother just had the same experience at his school. Bad Hatori! He's a doctor and should know better than to smoke. Also, I know now that Yuki and Momiji both see Tohru as a mother figure while Kyo likes her likes her. :P