Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 7

A Plum on the Back

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2001 on



  • Trivia

    • It was never mentioned on how Arisa brought a lead pipe into school despite a rule making such act forbidden.

  • Quotes

    • (Students are teasing Kyo.)
      Kyo: What's the deal with all this cat-lover crap? you trying to make fun of me or something?
      Student: Ah, we've got you figured out. You talk tough, but we know that deep down, your just a gentle guy who loves animals.
      Other Students: Awwwww!
      Kyo: Hey! Knock it off will ya? For the last time, those weren't even my cats!

    • Arisa: Why is it that every time orange-top is around, I get a headache?

    • (The Sohmas talk about the festival booth where Yuki dressed as a girl.)
      Kyo: Yeah he just had to bat those pretty eyes a couple of times.
      (Yuki hits him)
      Kyo: Ahhgg!
      Yuki: Next time I'll send you flying off the roof!
      Kyo: Damn rat!

    • (Class 1-D talks about rice ball ideas.)
      Kyo: I say we make it a rice ball battle.
      Student: A battle?
      Kyo: One-on-one. One round. No holds barred. And even if they get bloody noses, or pull each other's their arms off, they have to fight for the prize – Rice Balls!
      (Kyo raises his arm for a cheer.)
      Students: No way.

    • Kyo: Hey. You've got one, too. I mean, stuck to your back. There's a plum. I ... I can see it.
      Tohru: You can see it?
      Kyo: Yeah, but it's really small, like a baby plum.
      Tohru: (excited) Baby plums are delicious!
      Kyo: No, it's way, WAY tiny.

    • Kyo: Like once I was walking in the mountains with Kagura when we surrounded by a whole pack of boars! I thought they were gonna eat us!
      (Tohru starts laughing.)
      Kyo: It's not funny!

    • (Momiji is running toward Tohru but is held in place by Kyo's hand on his head.)
      Momiji: Kyo, you're just trying to keep Tohru all to yourself because she's so cute. You probably hug her every day.
      Kyo: What? Hello no! Who would wanna do that? (lets go of Momiji)
      Momiji: Meee!!!
      (Momiji hugs Tohru and transforms.)

    • Momiji: Yuki!
      (Momiji jumps on Yuki's back.)
      Momiji: Yuki, you look like a girl!
      (Momiji gives a charming smile and a blinks his eyes like a doll.)
      Kyo: What the hell? What is that little brat doing here?

    • Hatori: I want you both to give me a simple answer to this question. What is the last letter of the alphabet?
      Kyo and Yuki: "Z"?
      (Hatori takes a picture while they are grinning together.)
      Hatori: Akito wanted me to take a picture of you while I was here. That should be a very nice shot. So long, then.
      Momiji: Bye-bye.
      Kyo: Hatori, come back here!

  • Notes

    • Yuki tells Tohru who in the Sohma clan was responsible for erasing the memories of the people who learned about the Sohma secret.

    • So far everyone mentioned in the anime who is related to the Sohma family is one of the Zodiac members. Hatori is the family doctor for the Sohma family, and knows about the Zodiac curse. It is presumed that he is one of the Zodiac.

    • We find out that Yuki has weak bronchial tubes, like a form of asthma, but he's growing out of it. Hatori has monthly check-ups on him to be sure the process is going well.

    • Momiji has a problem with being too affectionate, as Hatori claims that he was sent along to be sure that Momiji stayed out of trouble.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of the rabbit zodiac sign.

  • Allusions

    • Cultural festivals are typical of most Japanese city schools. They consist of games, contests, and prizes sponsored by each class.

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