Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 5

A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2001 on

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  • The story is aboutTohru Honda who Find a DIFFERENT kind of family and learns something special about each one.

    This episode was so funny and sad at the same time!!!! It is when Tohru goes back to leave with her grandfather. While Kyo and Uki are sad they try to find Tohru's house since she left directions. While Uki and Kyo are almost there, Tohru is telling her grandfather how fun she live with Uki and Kyo, and she also feels very accepted like she found a place she belonged in. Suddenly, Uki and Kyo saw haerd everything Tohru said and told her to come back. Tohru had some mixed emotions. SHe told Kyo they she wanted to go back and so they did!!!
    this is a great episode and my fav., hope you like it too.!!!!!!
  • Toruh finds a place to call her home.

    After geting used to living with yuki shigure and kyo turuh is so excited to learn more about the zodiac and to learn more about yuki and the rest. But just as she felt being at shigures house is the greatest she gets a very unexpected call from her grandfather. The renerfasions of his house are all done and she can move back in with him and his daughter. Toruh tells the news to the sohmas and they seem to take it kinda well. When she finaly moves out Shigures house fells empty and without her gracfull presence. ANd toruh fells that she dosn't belong with her knew family esspeacily when they treat her like a criminal and bad mouth her mother. but in the end prince yuki and kyo come to her rescue and take her to were she truely belongs in. In Shigures house. so maby a rice bal ttruely belongs in a fruits basket. and i think that thats were they got this title from.
  • grandpa's house is finished

    what a sad sweet episode! i was really sad that her grandpa had called but then i thought maybe they will be nice people, but no! they were freaking A** HOLES! they were really mean to her and they asked if she had done anything with the guys!?!?! i wanted to slap that F*G! im so glad that the grandfather did! and the poor guys!! they were so lost with out her but kyo wouldnt even talk to her! poor them! it was funny when the dog started to siff her towel and they beat him! so funny they should have! that was sad about her fruits basket story, im glad that at the end they had her called! it was really sweat at the end when the grandpa told her she could go back and yuki and kyo came to get her and kyo just draged her out! so cute! and i loved the way yuki was rude to that guy. such a great one! it made me tear up!
  • Tohru almost felt as if she was right at home with the Sohma's.Her grandpa calls and tell her that the house is fixed and she can come.Now Tohru is offically moving back with her grandpa.Leaving the Sohma's forever.But will she ever return?

    This episode was very good and special to me.I mean it seemed that Tohru didn't feel welcome at the home where her grandpa lives.These people except her grandpa of course.They seemed to nosey,I mean they found out that Tohru was living with the Sohma's they already branded her as an bad kid just liked her mother.Who used to be part of the gangster.Tohru was relizing that she was not alone.She than relized that she was home all along with Yuki,Kyo and Shigure.Yeah this was an touching episode.It made me cry that Tohru decided that she will live with the Sohma's.
  • Just when Tohru feels that she has finally found a place where she can settle down, she comes crashing back to reality when she recieves an unexpected phone call.

    The begining of the episode appered to be like a normal one. Tohru is picking out books to help her understand her friends, Yukki and Kyo better. But she recieves a phone call from her grandfather, who informs her that since renovation to her house is complete, she can come and live with him again. That ofcorse means, that she will have to leave the Sohma household. What follows is a memorable episode with comedic and tear-jerking moments.

    I was drawn into the characters and could actually see just how much Tohru meant for Shigure, Yukki and Kyo, and how much they meant to her. They had given her a home and had made her feel like she belonged with them, even though she might have been a rice ball in a fruit basket.

    The outcome of the episode is no surprise at all, but the way it reaches that climax is fantastic and the way the title of "Fruits Basket"is explained, makes it certain, that this is no ordinary anime series.