Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 5

A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2001 on



  • Trivia

    • Originally in the manga Tohru's uncle calls her 'Tohru-chan' in which Yuki points his finger in his face saying 'Don't call her Tohru-chan like you're her friend. Lowlife.'

    • In the manga, Tohru's grandpa keeps calling her Kyoko, her mom, but in the anime, he calls her Tohru, her real name.

    • In the manga, Shigure remarks to Yuki and Kyo that they are "rescuing the princess." But in the anime, Shigure doesn't even come out.

  • Quotes

    • Yuki: I hope you don't mind, the door was unlocked so we let ourselves in. Can I find Miss Honda's things upstairs?
      Tohru's Aunt: Now just a moment, who are you? What is going on here?
      Yuki: Don't worry, we'll be out of your way before you know it.
      Tohru's Uncle: Ah, I get it now. These men must be the ones the little whore was shacking up with.
      Yuki: Don't you ever talk that way about Miss Honda again, you low-life.

    • Shigure: Tohru? What's for breakfast? I'm starving ... Oh. I forgot, our dear sweet Tohru has gone gone away.
      Yuki: That sounded like you forgot on purpose.

    • Shigure: Ah, welcome home!
      (no one answers)
      Shigure: "Hi, Shigure. It's good to be home." Is that too much to ask?

    • Shigure: A thousand perfectly lovely things you could have said, but what poetry spews from your mouth? "Any time." Really, Yuki.

    • Tohru: I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay... I wanted to stay.
      Yuki: (appearing suddenly) Well then, come home.
      Kyo: Come on, let's go.

    • Tohru: I should have known. There was no way I could have joined the others. A rice ball doesn't belong in a fruits basket.

    • Shigure: We have just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call 'misdirected rage'. I believe the technical term is being an ass.

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