Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 9

A Solitary New Year

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 30, 2001 on

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  • New year is just around the conner and this is the most impotrtant part of the year for the Sohmas.

    Everything is going all manic in the Sohmas house becaus eof new years. This is a big time for the zodicac members. The animal of the year that is coming has to do a dance for the rest of the zodiacs. But before that yuki and the rest have to do some clining to bring in the new year. Even hana and uo help them out. Evrn though yuki and kyo keep on breaking doors and stuff. And Shigure is being the kid of the house and trying to avoid his publisher. But she is about to lose her mind until shigier finaly gives her the manusciprt she has been wanting. THe sohmas each year go to the main house to celebratethe new year with the whole entire family. But this year kyo and Yuki both don't want to go becasue of toruh.. If they do go then they woukd have to go for 3 days. And they are very concerned about how clumsy toruh is. But they arn't the only ones concerned Hana hears how Touruh is going to be all alone. So she munipulates Kyo and Yuki to go back to the house to be with her on new years day. In the end everybody id happy except this very mistiriouse Akito.
  • its the new year

    what a sweet, cute, funny episode! i really enjoyed the dog in this one, he was so funny running from his editor, maybe it was a bit selfish, but i dont know, it was cute. but i would have slaped him silly! but i had a feeling it was already written. and it seemed to me that when he told Akito that they were not coming he looked like he was glad for pissing him off, and i liked that, but maybe i'm reading him wrong. he is cute in glasses i liked the blond girl and how she picked on kyo, they are cute together but i so like him with torhu but im open, everyone works so well in this show. the end was so sad, i like torhu's scary friend, it was sweet how she got the guys to come back. and i liked how they thought the same things, torhu is right they are alot alike. i felt really bad for torhu and i was glad that the guys came, it was really sweet! also i loved kyo's wish, so funny!
  • Under tohru\\\'s happy face, she miss her mom badly, even more when new years come...and nobody is going to watch the first sunrise with her....

    It was new years and the sohma house is very busy. Tohru, Uo-chan and hana-chan are helping on cleaning the house. Hana and Uo wanted to be with tohru for new years but she objected saying they should be with their own family instead. Kyo, Yuki and shigure all had to go to the main house for new years too but they will be gone for 3 days. yuki and kyo wanted to stay with tohru since she will be alone (awwwww uber sweet) but she also said they shud be in the main house instead. so they went but Hana said to them on their way to main house about that tohru would be very sad because every year she spends new years watching the very first sunrise of the year but this year, she\\\'ll be all alone. Yuki and Kyou got very guilty and ran back as quickly as they can finding tohru sitting alone with her mom\\\'s picture crying.

    tohru was really surprised but touched that they came back. in the end they were sitting on the roof watching the first sunrise. Tohru\\\'s new wish is that yuki and kyou would get along together better and what was the guys wish? it was the same! to forever be with tohru!!!!!!!! one of the most kawaii eps from the series...
  • Its New Years and is Tohru spending News Years Alone?

    Everyone is preparing for the new years.Tohru is so excited to celebrate New Years.After she learned about the banquet happening in the Sohma's house.So they would not be here for an while.They have this dance and all the zodiac are invited except Kyo.Since he bore the cat.Which isn't allowed.Everyone begins to clean the house.Tohru tells Hana and Uo that she is spending New Years Alone.While the others are away.Hana begin to explained to Kyo,Shigure,and Yuki that this would be her first year to spend New Year Alone.So in the end.She got to celebrate New Year with Yuki and Kyo.

    Yeah it was funny my favorite part is with Shigure Editor.Who was trying to get Shigure to finished writing the story.All the hours he ended up playing.Till later on it is found out that he had already done it.