Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 3

All Shapes and Sizes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2001 on

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  • Cool!

    Kyou and Yuki never get along, big new revelation from Tohru's side in this episode. Sure, like we didn't know that already...
    In addition, this episode featured some good character development on Yuki and Kyou, regarding their interaction with others. Kyou learned a valuable lesson on how he has to "train" in socializing with others from Shigure. Yeah, and he's warming up to Tohru. Yay.
    And with Yuki… he tells Tohru a bit about his past, and how it is for him, and how he doesn't really show his true feelings, and how he may not be happy and all even though that's what he shows on the exterior. However, Tohru manages to give him some good words, and now he's maybe warming a little up to people as well.
  • The show was building.

    At school, Tohru walks in on Kyo and Yuki fighting. When she tries to stop them she runs into Kyo and he transforms again. Kyo gets angry and calls her a stupid girl which makes Tohru think he hates her. Feeling guilty, he decides to pick Tohru up from her job and apologizes in his own way. The next day, on her way home from work, Tohru meets up with Yuki, and they walk home together. After accidentally transforming, Yuki tells Tohru about how he wants to live a normal life.They then go to the sercet base cause of the rain.
  • kitty cat comes around

    aww kyo is os cute! it was kinda funny to see him yell at her as a cat, the animals have funny faces, the chat he had with the dog was nice and i was so happy when he went to say sorry, even though he tecnacilly didnt say it, but tohru understood anyway and i like that about her she always knows what to say, i really wish i was like that. i had found it funny how she hit him though and when she told him why, his faces are so funny!! he is so moody its cute!! i think i like yuki alittle more, ok maybe alot more, im shy like him to, but yea it was cute when he came to get her, he is cute as an animal too. but yea i kinda feel for him, he sruggles. she was so good at talking to him too, i would have just kinda stood there. tohru pictureing them two as friends was so halarious!!